Fastest Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of our everyday routine. But, in today’s fast world and lifestyle with the man and the woman of the house working equally, women find it really tough to accommodate their time to cook all the meals of the day. In this situation, finding fast and healthy breakfast recipes is a huge relief.

Eating a healthy and sumptuous breakfast is very important for a person to function in an energetic manner throughout the day. As they say “Always eat your breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Common Man and Dinner like a Beggar ” which makes breakfast the most prioritized meal of the day. Skipping breakfast is not at all advisable and is considered unhealthy by health experts.

After a gap of almost 10 to 12 hours after dinner, we break the fast with breakfast so it is actually very much essential to give a healthy and a delicious start to a hectic day. 

So, let’s look at a few healthy and easy to make breakfast recipes which will not only save your precious time but also satisfy your taste buds. 

Healthy Upma : 

Regular Rava upma ??? Sooo Boring !!! This is what many people feel. So, why not upgrade it with health and taste ?? Instead of the Regular wheat rava Sooji Rava, you can make a healthy upma with Oats Or Quinoa Or Millets Or Semolina tempered with the aromatic spices, curry leaves, garlic and also vegetables if time permits. 

All these different varieties of Upma can be prepared in just 15 to 20 minutes and taste delicious with regular homemade pickle or podi. This is a great breakfast option to fit in your busy schedule and your family will surely love these tasty recipes !!!

Vegetable Sandwich :

This recipe will surely make your family happy…one of the easiest and tastiest breakfast inherited from the West is a blessing for working women. Toasting the bread with butter and making a sandwich with all the vegetables and grated cheese will not only calm ones hunger pangs but also give content to ones taste buds. This can be done using a regular Tawa which makes it all the more easy and accessible to everybody.

Oats Uttappam :

Rather than the regular Uttappam, these Oats Uttappam is instant, easy to make , healthy and tasty too. This does not require any fermentation and can be prepared immediately. Made with Oats, Rice Flour, chillies, ginger, garlic and few vegetables makes it the healthiest and tastiest breakfast to serve your family and it is a wholesome breakfast for kids too !!! Serve it hot with a chutney or podi and indulge in one of the healthiest meal !!!

Besan Chilla : 

An instant and flavoured  North Indian recipe, this one requires just 20 minutes to make. A delicious dish with Besan, ajwain, all the spices, carrot , onion, tomato, corriander is both healthy and also mouth watering. This requires less time to make and is an apt breakfast recipe for people with the highly occupied and busy schedules.

Tepla :

This traditional Gujarathi recipe is an all time favourite and this recipe is a keeper. Made with plain wheat flour, bajra or jowar flour, with grated ginger, chilli, methi leaves , choicest spices and garam masala, this breakfast recipe goes well with any chutney or curd. It can be prepared in just 20 minutes and is a time saver.

This recipe is health and taste rolled into one !!! Make sure to try this one.

Try out these healthy and appetizing recipes and let your loved ones indulge in the world of mouth watering and healthy dishes !!!

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