15 Things To Avoid During Your First Date

First Date – A Consistent and a beautiful Dream for all the teenagers. Every teenager constantly dreams about having a perfect first date with the person they love. Girls especially dream of meeting the perfect man once they are in high school. Girls never make the first move though they have a huge crush on a guy. They expect the guy to ask them out on a perfect day, to a perfect location in  a perfect setting. 

Asking out a girl to a date may be easy, but making it the most memorable and perfect date is something every guy is nervous about. He would want every single thing to be perfect, but in the anxiety to make everything perfect and incredible few important things may slip out of a guy’s mind which may become turn off for a girl and the so called perfect date may turn into a disaster.

So, guys !!! Here a few tips to turn your first date into an incredible and memorable one and impress your date to the fullest !!!

  1. Never ever be late on your first date. Not being punctual pisses off a girl…. though she may not show it, it will lower her impression on you !!!
  2. Be polite and show your caring side to her. Show her that this date is very important to you and make her feel important …
  3. Don’t Show off !!! Girls don’t like a egoistic and self obsessed person….don’t portray yourself as the best…be humble and honest !!!
  4. Shower her with compliments !!! There’s no girl in this world who wouldn’t fall for compliments….Compliment her dress, her looks…make her feel special !!!

5.Give importance to her opinion…ask her choice and respect it while ordering food!!! Don’t impose your decision on her…..

6.Don’t stare at other girls and don’t flirt with other girls !!! She will definitely despise it….

7.Don’t split the bill…be a gentleman !!! Though she might offer to split the bill, gently reject it and impress her with romantic pickup lines !!!

8.Make her laugh and make her feel comfortable around you….don’t be only one who does the talking…listen to her and acknowledge her !!!

  1. Give your mobile a rest…you may come across as disinterested if you start looking at your mobile more than her !!!
  2. Clean yourself up properly…look prim and proper. Look good and Smell good !!!
  3. Don’t start on your problems right on the first date…talk about nice things and things which are good, funny and happy !!!
  4. Never comment on others and don’t be judgemental. It will definitely displease her because girls are not impressed by guys who have a superiority complex and look down on others !!!
  5. Don’t stay out too late…drop her off carefully once the date is done !!! Drop her till the doorstep…this will make her feel you are concerned for her safety and well being !!!
  6. Be a good friend to her and don’t make her feel uncomfortable in any way….give her the sort of comfort zone wherein she opens up to you herself !!!
  7. Lastly , don’t be boring but a romantic and a complete sweetheart.

These are the few things which will surely make the girl fall for you instantly and make your first date into a fairy tale and a memorable one !!!

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