What Is The Situation After Lockdown?

COVID 19 is spread wide across the world and is showing no signs of reducing in India as well as many parts of the world.  All the nations are in a phase of strict lockdown to battle this virus which is spreading at an alarming rate.

Few nations seen a reduction in the positive cases in the past few days but the situation is not yet under control. 

Complete lockdown and social distancing seem to be the only things that may actually save us from this dangerous situation.

But, For Long??? Will this ever end??? 

    • For how many more days can people actually bear the concept of locking up themselves in their houses???
  • What is the situation after lockdown??? Will things go back to normal???

The biggest dilemma at present is, how much time will it take for everything to actually return to normal?? And, when it does go back to normal, can we lead our lives the same way we led them before this drastic situation?

The fact that this virus has cast such a sudden and long-lasting effect on everything in the world from daily activities to important things like the economic condition of a nation clearly proves that we are living in an unpredictable world.

Every involuntary and small thing in our life has become a bit painful process. The world has never seen days like these where everybody is living in the fear of something horrible happening to them or their loved ones.

All things said and done, what is going to happen once this nightmare ends?? What should we do to avoid such a situation in the future???

Let us cast an eye over few precautionary measures we can take to avoid such a situation in the future!!!

  • The concept of social distancing is actually good in a way. Continuing this even after the termination of lockdown will help the world in avoiding such types of infectious viruses.
  • People must behave responsibly and avoid social gatherings immediately after the lockdown. Just because the lockdown is lifted does not mean we can conquer the streets like never before. Take some time and follow all safety measures while going out.
  • Grocery shops, malls, cinema halls, restaurants, vegetable markets are few crowded places that may cause the risk of virus again. So, people should themselves take the responsibility of not overcrowding in those places where the risk is high.
  • How much ever the Government does, we as citizens have equal responsibility for our health as well as a safe world. Basic hygiene should be made an active part of the daily routine.
  • Covering your mouth while coughing and sneezing must be involuntary and mandatory even after this pandemic for the well-being of yourself and everybody.

While all this is on one side, what will the world be like after this life-changing pandemic?

Will everything regains its lost glory?? Will the US become the superpower everybody thought it to be?? Will China regain its trust in the eyes of the world??

Will the foreign tourist destinations still be a hot favorite for travel freaks??

Will Studying and settling abroad still be a matter of pride or will their motherland attract people more??

Real heroes or reel heroes?? Who will catch people’s attention more??

Will India become a Superpower that has been a distant dream??

Cooking a healthy meal indoors or dining outside regularly….which will be people’s preference??

The economic condition of the world… WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN??

Will everything really go back to what it was? Or are we heading towards a better world?? or something completely opposite? 

A better World or something worse ?????

Many unanswerable questions !!!

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