Various shades of the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Industry….. The first thought that comes to anybody’s mind when they hear these words…MOVIES!!! The fantasy world which many people dream to be a part of….ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY!!!

Be it the big screen (movies) or the small screen (TV…mainly serials!!!), this is the most appealing and attractive industry, especially to the youth. At least once in their life, everybody would surely have at least a small thought of becoming famous, entering movies and stuff!!

Watching our favorite movies, memorizing our favorite songs, enacting them, imagining ourselves in those scenes, stalking our favorite actors….this is a sort of trend that goes way back!!! This trend is on a high in the present world of social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter have made stars more accessible to fans and these social media platforms also stand as a platform to bring out the hidden secrets in every industry.

Talking about the entertainment industry, is it really as appealing and enchanting on the inside as it looks on the outside???

The glitz, the glamour, the expensive clothes, the fashion runways, the name and fame, the money!!! All these make the entertainment industry sooo attractive and appealing.

Let’s look at both sides of the Coin….Well!!! On the positive side, the movies or the small screen is really a very exciting place to be!!! They bring out the artist in you making you a star in no time.

One good Role or One Big Breakthrough Movie….that’s it!!! Your fate will take a 360-degree turn and it will turn you into a celebrity from a normal commoner!!! The limelight, the love from the fans, the fame, the monetary terms will take you to the most memorable phase of your life. To keep it intact is in our hands. The way we handle success, our behavior, and the way we deal with the glamorous world will either make us a superstar or just any other person in the film industry. AS THEY SAY, STARS ARE NOT BORN…THEY ARE MADE!!!

You meet new people, high profile people, visit exotic locations, try out different cuisines, take part in photoshoots, cover page shoots, and wear beautiful costumes designed by top most designers as a part of your daily life which makes your career stand out in your family and friend circle. You experience people worshipping you like you are a God, making fan clubs for you, sometimes loving you more than you love yourself.

All this on one side…well; let’s have a look at the other side too!!!

Making a path for yourself and marking a niche for yourself is not at all an easy task!!!

You will find thousands of people just like you craving to be there and ready to do anything for it!!! And, if you are an “outsider ‘, Well, then the path gets tougher!!! Because the star kids of the established stars are already trained to be there and you will surely receive a very tough competition from them in all aspects.

But, the main problem which is openly discussed by many celebrities about the film industry is – THE CASTING COUCH. Casting Couch, as we call it, is nothing but the casting directors or any established person in the industry expecting all sorts of favors especially physical favors from the newcomers in return for establishing a career for them.

Many top film stars have spoken about this and also shared their experiences of how they faced the Casting Couch experience sometimes from the same gender too.

Many Big names of Tollywood and Bollywood (not taking any names here guys!) have admitted that they did face Casting Couch and it is not pleasant at all. Few have completely denied the existence of Casting Couch. Well, depends on the personal experience!!!

Not only this, the Filmy Parties, the trolling, the negative comments, being in the spotlight all the time, no private life can sometimes become frustrating and make a person crave for a normal life.

Well!!! The two sides of the coin discussed, just like everything even this industry has its own positives and negatives. Depends on how we take it and deal with it!!!

Glide through it or drown in it…your choice!!!

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