Twitter Latest Trends 2021

Twitter, the most popular social media platform, among both adults and youth is a bridge for people’s thoughts to be expressed on social media.
It is also a platform where even commoners can connect with popular celebrities and express their thoughts regarding various burning events and trending topics.
In a view to making Twitter more accessible to all types of people, Twitter recently announced that it was gearing up for few revolutionary changes in the upcoming year, 2021. 

September 2, 2020

Twitter announced that it has been working towards a commitment to making Twitter more inclusive to the disabled community. This signifies that Twitter is bent on making itself a social media platform, which can be accessed and used by all kinds of people including people with disabilities without any hurdles.
Twitter latest trends 2021 including automatic captions for audio and video are currently in progress and the plan to launch them by the year 2021 is underway.
These latest technologies may prove to be quite beneficial to the social media platform, as their introduction makes it easy for specially-abled people to go through the site and express their views quite easily.
The first step towards this was by setting up The Accessibility Centre For Excellence and The Experience Accessibility Team. They mainly focus on the features and products of Twitter. They also help in setting proper goals and help Twitter across core business functions. This not only brings Twitter into a new light but also makes it more accessible to many sections of users.
Twitter automatic caption for audio posts and video posts is an extension of the current feature of Voice Tweets.

This new feature if launched by 2021 as per the plan, will be a small revolution in the world of Social Media Platforms. Automated Captions for Audio and Video Posts with proper access to all types of users, will increase the use of the Social Media Platform considerably among disabled people too. This new attribute of Twitter will be easy access to the site without any issues for any type of person and will surely be a revolution in the social media industry.

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