Oscar Nominations 2021: ‘Nomadland’ wins best picture at an oscar that spreads the wealth

The most prestigious awards and honourable awards of all time, the Oscars are officially here. Given the current Covid 19 pandemic situation, the Oscar awards arrived later than usual this year. Abiding by the Covid 19 norms, the traditional pomp and show of the ecent was missing. An attempt to host a red carpet show and introduction of nominees was made, but the original grandeur of the event was absent.

One of the main highlights of the event and a matter of pride was Chloe               Zhao lifting the Best Director’s award for her movie, Nomadland.

She is the first Asian woman to be nominated and the first woman of colour to lift the trophy and the second woman director in the history of Oscars to have been bestowed with the prestigious honour. Not only that, the movie also won the Best picture and the Best Actress awards too.

It is a matter of immense pride witnessing an Asian woman director bagging the award considering all the talented people she was competing with. The award ceremony was termed as ” a fittingly bizarre end to the most bizarre award season”. The entire award season can be termed as a true appreciation to art.

Nomadland is all about a woman in her sixties, dwelling as a modern day nomad in the American West after losing everything in the Great Recession. The film achieved rave reviews from the critics and the audience alike.

In the words of Chloe Zhao in her acceptance speech at the Oscars, she said ” I have always found goodness in the people everywhere I went in the world. So, this is for anyone with the faith and courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves as well as others, no matter how difficult it is”.

However, the victory of Chloe is being received with a dull response in her own birthplace, China considering a few controversial statements made by her, few years ago when she said there were “lies everywhere” when she was growing up.

She had also won the Golden Globe for the Best Director and winning an Oscar is just another feather in her cap.

Her acceptance speech at the Oscars was appreciated and she has truly created history with her extremely marvelous achievement and she has certainly carved a niche for herself in the history of World Cinema.

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