MN News: Irrfan Khan Death Anniversary 2021

“Present is all that there is, future is at best a mirage”

“I think I’m going to die” were the words of Irrfan Khan two days before he left for heavenly abode on 29th April 2020.

Today marks the 1st death anniversary of Irrfan khan, who was a “Khan” of his kind…not to mention the other khans- Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir. If one looks back at Irrfan Khan’s career trajectory- from Bollywood to Hollywood one realizes how much hard work he has put in towards his craft and how much more there was to offer…to be explored. Alas! The universe had other plans it seems.

  • while Irrfan Khan was a man with a Midas touch- converting his craft into an inspiration for many to look up to. From his small role in Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay to his full-fledged role in a Hollywood film, the critically acclaimed ‘The Namesake” again by Mira Nair. He shone through it all. It is said he gave it his 100 per cent to which character he took up like he wasn’t taking it as his job rather he was one with the characters he played. One interesting anecdote about Irrfan Khan’s curiosity about the roles he played goes like this- While playing a role in Chandrakanta, he asked the director as to the future of his character to which the director quipped- is he a certain Dharmendra to ask such a question. This also speaks volumes of Irrfan’s seriousness towards his characters. Although his character in the popular fantasy drama had only four or five lines, the character became popular with the audience. Thus, forcing the director to resurrect the dead character into life once again. Many such interesting anecdotes fill Irrfan Khan’s repertoire. One can read more about them in a book called Irrfan Khan: The man, The Star- a biography written by Aseem Chabbra.

Talking about the man Irrfan, he called himself a secular human, not confining himself to the orthodox thinking patterns and practises of his religion or any other for that matter. This particular thought reflects in the conversation he had with his wife Sutapa Sikdhar where he said to her that she need not convert into a Muslim to keep a Roza or for that matter to converse with Allah. Irrfan was also very much into mystics- as in he was always curious to know what happens after death, that what lays ahead of one’s death. He was reminded of these words when he was first diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer. He said to his wife, perhaps his curiosity got the better of him and that death came calling for him.

The legacy left behind by Irrfan Khan can never be overtaken or fulfilled….at best it can only inspire one to work hard and harder!

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