Telangana Lockdown News: Lockdown in Telangana 2021

Covid 19 is spreading at an alarming rate in India. The rate at which the amount of positive cases are increasing on a daily basis has been a cause of immense fear for the citizens as well as the Government Of India.

After the aftermath of the horrifying first wave of nearly six months and a strict lockdown, the situation seemed to improve in India with less number of positive cases and a relaxed environment prevailed in the country.

With the oncoming of the vaccines for Covid, people believed that the situation was slightly improving towards the best till the early 2021.

But, the situation again started declining rapidly with the coming of Second Covid wave in India with the positive cases reaching a new record high and also the death rates rapidly multiplying.

In a span of just one month, the situation in the country changed drastically and Maharashtra became the worst hit state in the country.

In a situation like present, the only question prevailing in everyone’s mind is : Will there be another lockdown in the country ?

What steps have to be taken to curb the virus spread ? Will the vaccines work ?

The burning question of complete lockdown has no definite answer. With new restrictions, night curfews, weekend lockdowns, the State Governments are trying their best to make things work, by concentrating on the economy as well as the physical well being of the people.

But, till what extent can the Government impose restrictions ??? It is also the individual responsibility of the people as the citizens of the country to put in their best in stopping the spread of the virus by following all the safety measures strictly.

Seeing the rapid surge in the cases, The Government is surely in a dilemma regarding the lockdown.

Will another strict lockdown repair the current terrifying situation ? Does India desperately need another severe lockdown ? Is it the only solution?

All these questions are unanswerable !!!

The only things we can do as socially responsible citizens are wearing masks, continual sanitization, social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene.

Let’s do our best to prevent lockdown and reduce this situation in our country.

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