A medical emergency is a word we are hearing after ages. Up to me, this is the first-ever I’m listening to medical emergencies and witnessing the pandemic situation. However, we too have a story to tell our coming generations that how it all happened and how we tried/trying to overcome it. Well CORONA itself a most popular word that no one needs any explanation about it. Watching people, dying out of  Covid -19, as there is no sufficient oxygen supply, running short of beds. Why wait that someone will come and help us to save out of Covid.

My dear readers today let us try to understand Covid – 19 , its effect upon us more importantly dietary modifications to be practiced and followed every day of our daily routine.

Before that make sure that everyone are following 3 basic/mandatory rules of Covid 19

  1. Wear mask / double mask {your mask should cover your  NOSE, MOUTH}
  2. Wash your hands very often
  3. Maintain social distance.

Yet now we all enjoyed our taste buds, food cravings irrespective of our health. This is the valuable time to move onto a healthy diet to boost up our immune system being at the home.

Ask yourself?

  • How long you expose to early morning sun rays?
  • How many liters of water you are consuming?
  • What are your meal timings?
  • Are you a sedentary worker?
  • Do you consume alcohol?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • How often you eat outside food?
  • Do you practice yoga?
  • Do you jog /exercise daily?

My dear ones, let quit all bad habits, improper and unhygienic practices.

Let everyone try to understand the situation and move accordingly in order to overcome the pandemic situation.


 Dehydration weakens body. Hydrating with enough amount of water is much more important. Consume at least above 3litrs of water per day {except CKD patients,(drink according to Nephrologist/dietitian advice)}

Tips to hydrate

  • Include 1cup of green tea/ginger tea/ lemon tea in the morning or evening.
  • Include 1glass of  Luke warm water with added 1tsp of cinnamon powder/ piece of zinger/ 1tsp of geera early in the morning
  • Include 1glass of lemon juice with added 1tsp of salt in the evening.
  • Include buttermilk at the end of very meal
  • Include 1glass of milk with an added pinch of turmeric.


  • Add multicolored vegetables and fruits into your plate. Concentrate much upon the protein sources like beans, dals, mushrooms, meal makers, soya chunks. Nutrients and minerals present in vegetables maintain the regular pace of the body.
  • Encourage vegetables in the form of salad/curries instead of deep frying form.
  • Don’t boil vegetables more time as they loose there vital nutrients in leaching process.
  • Fruits and vegetables strengthen our immunity system.
  • Add more amount of citrus fruits to boost  our immunity

Citrus fruits are good sources of vit c, also known as ascorbic acid. This vitamin c is not produced by the body, so we are supposed to take on regular basis orally.

For adults, the recommended daily amount for vitamin C is 65 to 90 milligrams (mg)/day.

Citrus fruits help in absorption of iron.

Most commonly available Vitamin C sources
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Kiwi
  • Broccoli
  • Guava
  • Kiss miss
  • Berries

Herbs & spices

Herbs derived from Latin word herba. These herbs are used as medicines, food, flavanoids.

  • Add 2cloves of garlic during your meal

Garlic scientifically Allium sativum, which has been used as medicine and flavoring  agent since ancient days. Daily consumption of garlic can prevent the cancer, regulates heart problems, lowers the risk of hypertension and controls the cold.

Garlic lowers the high cholesterol and maintains the normal blood pressure because of its anti inflammatory mechanism

As now, in this pandemic cold and flu are more common symptoms for Covid 19, lets prevent this running by having garlic every day in our regular meal

Garlic is beneficiary in both raw and cooked form ( but don’t deep fry).

  • Add piece of cinnamon bark in water or in tea

Cinnamon has antioxidants, anti inflammatory effects, anti bacterial, where it fights with infections. It helps in digestion of food. It cut downs the bad cholesterol from the body and protects the heart. Daily usage of cinnamon bark or powder helps in lowering the risk of diabetes too.

As cinnamon is anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial, because of its fighting back mechanism with flu, viruses and infections, it is important to adopt this cinnamon in daily consumption.

  • Add 2 to 3 cardamom in tea and milk

Cardamom contains anti bacterial properties where it helps in fighting with infections. It even works as mouth freshener too.

On other hand cardamom helps in ease of digestion and cures cold and cough.

Don’ts to do in this pandemic

  • Avoid street foods, as it completely unhygienic and improperly cooked.
  • Avoid bakery food, as they are not fresh, and don’t add any health benefits.
  • Avoid high sugars and sweets as they are calorie rich foods in return adds on cholesterol in body
  • Avoid carbonated beverages as they may initiate cold, flu and cough.
  • Avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid irregular meal timings.

Our lives are in our hand. By modifying our regular diet and altering our life style it is easy to overcome the pandemic situation. Let us eat healthy diet chosen by our grandparents and mothers. Cleaning hands before and after meals, doing bath every day along with these things taking our meals at appropriate time with right proportion of food is very much essential. As soon as possible you end up reading this article move into your kitchen and check out various herbs and spices that are available, and turn them into rejuvenating drinks. On the other hand people with CKD or ESRD or AKI please do consult your dietitian or Nephrologist for water intake. People with  Diabetic please don’t skip your meal timings, as it may fluctuate your sugar levels. Try to maintain peace of mind by following meditation and yoga.

Healthy diet and good life style is boon for our health.

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