Bhopal auto driver turns auto into Ambulance to provide free service to covid patients

Bhopal auto driver turns auto into Ambulance: Covid 19 has turned out to be a very dangerous Tsunami in India. With the number of increase in cases, deaths, shortage of oxygen, India surely is experiencing the most horrible nightmare in its history.

With so much of sadness and sickness around, good deeds from people surely raises hopes and amplifies the expectation that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Javed Khan, an auto rickshaw driver from Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is winning over the hearts of people as well as the Internet with a very empathetic move of his. The 34 year old has transformed his auto rickshaw into a 24*7 ambulance service equipped with an oxygen cylinder, hand sanitiser, PPE kit and an oximeter.

He has been providing free service to patients from the past 20 days and this idea of his occurred to him as he was unable to see the pathetic situation of the people around him. In order to put his plan into action, he sold his wife’s gold jewellery and converted his three wheeler into a mobile ambulance. He stated that his wife was very much supportive and did not even once oppose his decision. She in turn encouraged him, which helped him implement his idea and he, now, spends nearly four to six hours a day getting the cylinder refilled and offering all the help he can to the people in distress.

He has also put up a plastic barricade in the vehicle to ensure he maintains safe distance from his passengers. Explaining about this he says, I can help people only if I am safe and sound, so taking utmost care is very important.

A family of wife and three children, he says he is getting applauded a lot and everyone around him is appreciating this compassionate move of his. He plans to continue his service if he gets the required support.

He is also urging on the importance of staying at home and following the Covid protocols in times as these.

Well, he surely is a true inspiration to all of us in such desperate and distressing times !!!

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