Places With No Roads

The world is full of exotic locations, beautiful countries and breathtaking natural scenic spots. There is no end to beautiful and unique places in the world.

Beautiful locations with no roads – This is something which is quite unimaginable and surprising at the same time. Transport and commutation with no roads seems quite impossible.

But, what would you say, if we told you that, there are two such places in the world ??? Sounds quite fascinating right !!!

Let’s have a look at these interesting, enchanting and exotic locales….

Venice – The land with no roads:

Venice is situated in North eastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It was built in the middle of a lagoon to protect it from foreign bandits and armies. The city of water is extraordinarily beautiful with its age-old architecture, canals, palaces and lagoons. 

Venice is a group of small islands connected by bridges and canals. The city is itself built on water which makes it so unique compared to all other countries. It has many names like “The Floating City”, “City Of Bridges”, “City Of Water” and “City Of Canals”.

There are no cars, bikes or scooters in the city. The mode of transport is only through water which makes it a most special and attractive tourist destination.

Filled with holy and sacred churches, museums, architectural palaces, historically rich monuments, attractive and enchanting canals, Venice is one of the most favourite tourist destinations for tourists.

The most beautiful thing about Venice is that, though filled with water everywhere, there is no unpleasant smell, because the water is always flowing and never stagnant and the water is always clean and pure.

The Gondola Ride, one of the modes of Public Transport, running over the Grand Canal through the heart of Venice is the most famous attraction of Venice.

Lastly, IT IS THE CITY OF LOVE !!! Named as the most romantic place on earth, Venice is a favorite among couples as well as travel freaks !!!


A very small town in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands with just a population of over 2500 has gained worldwide popularity for its unique landscape.

Referred to as “Venice Of The Netherlands”, it became famous after 1958 when the famous Dutch film Fanfare was made there.

Giethoorn has nearly 170 bridges and the houses resemble the scenic houses on postcards. 

The centre of the city is only accessible by water which makes it all the more fascinating and appealing with enchanting, picturesque landscape.

It is perfect for a one day trip if you are living near Amsterdam. Chinese and Dutch tourists are found in abundance in this scenic locality.

The lovely canals, restaurants on the banks of the canals with delicious food, commuting through canals with boats, picnicking on the banks of the canals make a peaceful and enjoyable one day trip.

A very beautiful village with water as the only means of Transport, Giethoorn is slowly gaining popularity as one of the most loved tourist places.

So….these are the beautiful water cities which should be a must visit if you get a chance to travel !!! They must surely be included in the must-visit tourist places and should not be missed !!!

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