Redmi Smart band features and release date features

Fitness is something which has become mandatory owing to the current situations. The current fast-moving world with the latest technology leaves little time for fitness. To keep a track of metabolism, heartbeat, how many steps a person walks in a day, fitness bands are being highly obliging.

Mi Fitness bands once introduced, have become a rage in the market. Every other person owns a fitness band to keep a track of daily physical activity. Xiaomi, one of the leading brands in the field of mobiles and electronics has launched the first Redmi fitness band in India.

The Redmi smart band price at an affordable price of Rs.1599 and the online sale starts from September 9, 2020. Coming in variant colors like green, black, blue, and orange, this fitness band not only contributes to fitness but also looks stylish and trendy.

In Contrast to Mi Band 4 and 3, the display of this new fitness band is rectangular in shape. It offers an LCD Display with five sports modes like outdoor running, exercise, treadmill, cycling, and fast walking. It also has an optical heart rate sensor offering a 24*7 heart rate monitoring. It is also water-resistant and has almost all the features of a fitness band, but with upgraded technology.

The new Redmi smart band launch in India is anticipated to be huge due to the brand’s popularity. As this new fitness band also offers to track sleep patterns, it is predicted to attract people of all age groups hugely.

Xiaomi also claims that this fitness band guarantees 14-day battery life on a single charge. 

This fitness band with excellent compatibility with Android devices like Android 4.4 and above, Bluetooth connectivity, a raise to wake gesture to view new messages on the screen without touching or pressing any button, high water resistance which can be worn even while swimming and showering, 70 customizable watch faces, music control, continuous heart rate monitoring, high battery life, direct call rejection, notification alerts, weather updates this fitness band offers it all.
As said by the Chief Business Officer, MI India, Raghu Reddy, “Prioritizing fitness is important and Redmi Smart Band brings with it all the functionalities to prioritize fitness by covering all the fitness activities of an individual”.

This Redmi Smart Band being the first one to be launched by Xiaomi in India will no doubt make an everlasting mark in the category of fitness bands.


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