How Pubg has affected gamers in lockdown

PUBG, the most loved and the most addictive game has become very popular among the youth. It has emerged as the most favorite game among gamers. It has gained immense popularity but, it has fascinated people in such a way their attraction towards playing the game has taken over their relationship with their loved ones.

PUBG – PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS is an online multiplayer battle game developed and published by PUBG corporation. Inspired by the Japanese film, Battle Royale this game follows the strategy of “Survival of the Fittest”. Players can enter the game solo, duo, or in small teams. The last person or team alive is the winner of the match. Initially introduced to play in computers, its gaining popularity made the creators make it accessible to personal mobiles too.

Compared to other video games, this game based on the battleground and survival gained immense popularity with millions of users. The amount of interest created by this game was huge and in the course, it became quite an addiction for the millions of people playing it.

It became a home name and every other person started playing it. The usage increased to such an extent that people started forgetting the people and the world around them.

The addiction to this game started negatively impacting people. 

Let’s see how the most popular video game is impacting people.

Losing track of time is one of the main things that happens when you play PUBG. Be it, children or elders, once you get the hang of the things and rules of the game, killing time is not a concern anymore. You can just while away the time playing the game, but this is not at all good as you ignore all other important things in your daily life and invest all your time in this. Student’s education gets affected, daily work and important things like work, household chores are kept aside owing to the game addiction which is not at all justified. 

Impact on Social Life – This surely happens due to game addiction. You just spend your entire time in this game and forget that there are real people around you who actually care about you. The addiction to play this game makes you socially inactive which in turn makes you lose people. This is a very serious concern because having no loved ones and people around you leads to depression. Human relations getting affected is something which is a dangerous concern.

Affecting mental and physical health – A game like PUBG requires complete mental concentration and this might affect the mind in many ways. The violence and aggression in the game induce negative and harmful thoughts in the brain, especially in young children. This will impact the mindset of the person in a negative which may lead to many other serious problems later on in life. Health issues may also crop up because of continuously holding the mobile in hand and bending the neck to play the game. Eyesight issues, neck pain, shoulder pain will start affecting people at a very young age.

Unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns – The longing to play the game has an adverse effect on the eating and sleeping habits of people. Not eating and sleeping on time, indulging in continuous gaming, unhealthy eating habits will ultimately affect the health leading to problems like obesity, fatigue, and ill-health.

Impact on Work and Personal Life – The level of addiction to the game can make a person want to play it even during working and office hours which will affect the professional life. Also, this will impact the personal life because the aggression and violence in the game may become a cause of mood swings and unnecessary emotional outbursts both at the office and home.

Not only these but being glued to the mobile to play the game may also become a cause of accidents on roads which is a danger to the life of people.

Playing the game is not bad, but being addicted to it and unable to overcome that obsession causes many problems.

A game should be a refreshment and distraction from various daily tensions and not a distraction from life itself and the main cause of tension. 

So, it depends on us to treat a game as a game and have control over what we do, how much ever interesting and addictive a game is !!! The same goes with PUBG….treat it as a game, play it for refreshing your mind but don’t get addicted to it. Then, even PUBG, the most addictive game cannot affect you in any way !!!

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