Importance Of Social Distancing During Covid – 19

COVID – 19, a virus that has sent chills down the spine of the whole world. Large economies with the excellent technology and highly sophisticated medical facilities have bent down to the effects of the virus and have declared their helplessness. This virus is fast spreading with very common symptoms which cannot be differentiated from the actual flu. It drastically affects your respiratory system deteriorating your health causing physical and mental exhaustion.

Many people around the world have lost their lives owing to this terrible virus causing a great void in the lives of their families. The stock market has witnessed a massive dip, the world’s economic condition is at stake and everything in the world has come to a huge halt. The world leaders and leaders of respective countries are striving to bring the situation back to normal. Doctors are working round the clock treating the affected patients and suggesting tips to avoid oneself from getting infected.

Out of all the tips, the most important thing is Social Distancing. The term Social Distancing refers to maintaining a distance from people and isolating yourself. Social Distancing is as important as following personal hygiene to save oneself from the virus. Social distancing is very important to curb the spread of this dangerous virus. Avoiding Public gatherings, maintaining at least a minimum of 3-meter distance from a person, restraining from roaming in public contribute to Social Distancing.

Social Distancing is significant as it lessens the physical contact between two people. It reduces people’s interaction with each other, touching hands, or any sort of physical interaction which may act as a catalyst for the spread of the virus. Staying at home and staying away from people and social gatherings for a specific time period will reduce the effects of the virus and the level of infection.

The decision of Social Distancing has been appreciated by the majority of people but there are few people who have raised concerns over it. But, ultimately public isolation is the key to stop the spread of this pandemic which shook the foundation of the entire world. A simple Namaste while greeting people instead of a handshake can help in stopping the virus spread. Voluntary isolation is a sort of great service we can offer to the world in the present scenario.

Staying put at home, avoiding going out, reducing possible meetings even with family members, maintaining distance from people in an emergency situation, avoiding sitting or roaming in groups, standing at a minimum distance as suggested during regular shopping sprees, grocery shopping, maintaining personal hygiene and not violating health guidelines set by the government are the minimum things a responsible person has to follow to prevent the situation from becoming more drastic and out of hand.

Our discipline and dedication towards social distancing will save numerous valuable human lives and it is our minimum responsibility as citizens of the world to contribute and strive for a healthy, happy, and safe world.

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