Gestation Period Of Various Animals

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things all the females are blessed with – be it humans or animals. It is the birth of a new generation into this world. The mother carries her child inside her womb for a certain period of time before bringing it into this world.

The time period from the day of conception until the birth of the baby is called “Gestation period “. This period is full 9 months for humans.

But, the gestation period varies from animal to animal.

Here, in this article, let us know about the gestation periods of few known mammals.

Rat, the smallest of animals has a gestation period of 21-23 days. It gives birth in numerous numbers. As its life cycle is small, the gestation period is also very less for this tiny creature which is the smallest of mammals.

Cat, the cute mammal has a gestation period of nearly 64 days which is approximately two months. They don’t show any physical signs during pregnancy, so it might be quite difficult to assess the exact time of gestation period for cats. But, generally it lasts nearly two months.

Dog, the faithful mammal is quite predictable and shows signs of pregnancy. Their gestation period is about 63 days and they undergo three trimesters each of 21 days just like humans until the puppies are born. So, the gestation period is nearly two months for a dog also.

Cow, the most innocent and peaceful of mammals has quite a long gestation period. The common gestation period is considered to be 283 days. The approximate range is 279 to 287 days. If the cow is carrying a bull calf, then the gestation period is slightly higher than the gestation period for the heifer calf.

Elephant, the gentle and gigantic mammal has the longest gestation period of nearly 660 days. The period ranges from 640 to 660 days which is nearly more than 18 months. No Wonder, elephants give birth to only three to four baby elephants in a life time.

Gorilla, the monkey species has a gestation period of nearly 8.5 months which is nearly same as humans. They have very few symptoms one being swollen knuckles during pregnancy. Typically, a gorilla can give birth three or four times in a lifetime.

Lioness, the Queen of the Jungle undergoes a gestation period of 100 to 120 days which is nearly 4 months. The lioness prefers to give birth in privacy and moves away from the pride before the time of delivery. A Lioness can give birth to three or four cubs at a time.

Whale, the marine mammal just like other mammals carries her offspring in her womb for about 1 year before giving birth. Whales give birth to one baby at a time and give birth once in two to three years. The gestation period varies depending on the species and may range from 9 months to 18 months.

Zebra, another beautiful wild animal has a gestation period of almost 13 months before giving birth to one baby zebra (foal) at a time. Just like lions, zebras also isolate themselves from the herd before giving birth and find a safe shelter to give birth.

So, these are few mammals apart from humans which go through the same phases of pregnancy and few animals like elephants carry their baby the longest in their womb.

Though animals can’t talk, the fact that is to be noted is that, a mother’s care for her child is the same-be it humans or animals.

Hope you found this information helpful !!!

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