Passion vs Career. What to choose for?

Achieving a secure, well paid and dream job is what every youngster dreams of once they complete their university education. Most of their dreams are also fulfilled and they start working for these so-called huge MNCs. They start their career, progress, and earn huge numbers.

But, is it really something they want to do ??? Or, are they just going with the flow??? 

Are the passion and the job they are doing the same ??? The answer would be no !!!

Most people work just for the sake of doing the job, to fulfill their responsibilities, or just as a matter of pride. But is it really something which you love ???? The answer lies within ourselves !!!

It is indeed a miracle if your education and the job you are doing are a match. For example, How many engineering graduates are actually working as engineers ???

How many Computer Science And Business graduates are working in a relevant field of work ???

The qualification a person has and the work he/she does are completely different in most cases. 90% of the people are pursuing careers that are completely opposite to their actual education.

What is the rate of job satisfaction by doing such a job??? Is the monetary satisfaction really sufficient ??? Not every time!!!

Working for a company or doing a job that fulfills your passion and gives you that emotional and personal satisfaction is the best feeling which any person can experience. In the 24 hours, we have in a day, half the time or sometimes more than half the time is spent at the workplace.

So, it is really important that we pursue a career that is personally and professionally satisfying and fulfilling because directly or indirectly, our frame of mind and mood are highly dependent on the environment of the workplace and also the type of career we choose.

Let us say, for example, in order to satisfy your parents’ wish you decide to study engineering whereas your passion is in singing. Both are completely contrasting careers, one is technology while the other is entertainment.

A person who finds happiness in singing songs and who is interested in becoming an entertainer, how will he/she do justice to being an engineer and burying his head in all sorts of complex programs which are way out of his interest ??? It is emotionally and practically impossible !!! But, that is what happens with most of the youth. More than 75% of the people are unhappy with their professional life because of many reasons, the main reason being, choosing a career which does not match with their desire and passion. Many people are working just for the sake of it and not heart fully.

Pursuing a career out of passion and love gives you that mental and professional satisfaction that cannot be described in words. It will give you that passionate drive from inside to work hard and excel in your respective field. 

Even the worst phase of your career will not seem so bad if you are doing something you love. But if your career is some other person’s decision or something which you are forced to pursue, even the best phase will give you a sort of emptiness in the heart which cannot be described but only felt.

Agree with Guys ????

So, What do you think ???

A career which you are passionate about ??? Or, a career that others are Passionate about???

You live,  your career ….who gets to decide ???

You ??? Or somebody else???

The answer lies with you!!!

A career for a lifetime….is in whose hands ???? Put your thinking caps on and find out yourself !!!

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