Running vs Gym after Corona

Exercise is very important to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. The body heals eight times faster when you exercise regularly and making it part of your daily routine benefits you in every way. There are many forms of exercise like walking, running, swimming, gym, Pilates, etc. But, the most general form of exercise routines preferred by the majority of the people is running and gym. Walking occupies second place. 

So, Which is Better ?? Running or Gym ?? According to my, each form has its own pros and cons. Let’s have a look at a few facts…

    • An average of one hour of weight training and working out at the gym burns about 300 calories whereas a One-hour long run burns calories twice as that !!! Researchers also found that Treadmill used at a Hard Level burns an average of 705 to 865 calories an hour, but the stationary bike, rower, and others burnt fewer calories.
    • The human body burns calories at rest also to carry out vital functions which are called Basal Metabolic rates. It enters an Anabolic state after a heavy workout to recover the exhausted muscles.
  • After the workout, the body consumes excess oxygen to carry out the regular activities which are the reason excess and stored fat is oxidized and burnt while on a low carb diet.

In the gym, a normal routine exercise for five days a week is actually sufficient. Fifteen minutes treadmill, fifteen minutes bike or cycling, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, hand, and leg raises, cool down exercise like a slow walk on a treadmill would meet the requirement.

Running has a few additional advantages compared to going to the gym. The gym is a boon when the weather is rainy or non-co-operative. Other than that, it is a sort of disadvantage in few other things in which running gains an upper hand.

Let’s see what advantages running has !!!

    • Running is the best cardio workout. Perfect for beginners, experts, or anyone for that matter !!! Improves blood circulation and muscle strength.
    • Hydrates the body as it involves sweating a lot !!!
    • Refreshing and rejuvenating as it is done in the lap of nature with greenery, fresh air, and a natural environment. It is freshening and energizing compared to the suffocating and closed environment of the gym.
  • Running does not involve any monetary expense. Instead, it makes you healthy saving you from doctor expenses in the future !!! It is free of cost and additional benefits you in many ways.
  • Increases your bone and muscle strength. Running also strengthens your knees and backbone including your lower back.
  • Running also plays a very important role in improving your mental health. According to few surveys where people were asked why they preferred running, the simple answer was that running made them feel better not only physically but also emotionally.
  • Running also helps in glucose regulation. It plays a pivotal role in reducing the risk of diabetes and also lowers your blood pressure.

Now, Let’s see what the gym has in store !!!

  • Going to the gym regularly benefits your cardiovascular system, strengthens your heart, and keeps cholesterol levels in check.
  • The gym consists of a lot of equipment providing you with a wide range of options. This makes the exercise regime less boring.
  • It plays a good role in socializing opening opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Hitting the gym becomes a part of your daily routine which brings a positive change to your lifestyle and makes you feel fit physically and also gives you mental satisfaction.
  • Going to the gym also improves your focus with fewer distractions. 
  • Hitting the gym regularly also improves sleep patterns and may provide a solution to insomnia as it relaxes both your mind and body.

So, as we can see both gym and running have their own advantages. Comparatively, Running dominates the gym in a few things like exercising in a natural and fresh environment, budget, and open environment.

Whatever form of exercise it is, Exercising regularly should be the sole motto in today’s world of pollution and stress !!!

Physical exercise must be included in the daily routine mandatorily for a healthy and happy living and it is a must for people of all age groups.

Exercise Regularly !!! Stay Fit and Healthy !!!


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