What does a girl expect from her partner?

Understanding a Woman – If you ask a guy, he would say, “It’s very difficult to understand her completely. Women are Complicated !!!”

But, is it really so??? Is it so difficult to understand a woman ?? Well, as a woman myself, I Don’t think so guys !!! It is actually quite easy to understand your girl/woman if you put a little effort.

Women are the heart of our homes. They have the complete responsibility of the house, family members, household tasks, and whatnot. They are always involved in some of the other work of the house and they do not have a holiday, unlike Men. Managing the house and office is something, not soo easy at all !!!

A woman’s mind is always filled with numerous thoughts and physically, mentally she is never idle. All a man can do is understand her and appreciate her for all the hard work she does to keep her family happy.

So, where are the guys going wrong?? Let’s look at a few things a man can do to keep his woman happy and you will find out that understanding a woman is not so complicated as it seems !!!

  • All the women are sensitive at heart. Small things you say might hurt her which may not seem like a big deal to you. They may not tell you but you can see it in her actions – she starts being silent, she starts ignoring you, that is when you need to make it up to her. Say Sorry and pamper her. There’s no woman who does not love being pampered especially by her loved one.
  • Appreciate the little things she does for you like cooking your favorite meal, throwing you a surprise party on your birthday, decorating the house according to your taste….a little “thank you” or “I love you” from you will make her day.
  • A little help in the household chores is all she needs sometimes. Instead of lazing on the couch and watching TV, you can actually give her a helping hand in the kitchen or any other household task. This will surely make her happy.
  • Never ever say “What do you all day in the house ?? Why do u get so tired of doing nothing? You don’t work so much and just chill in the house !!! ” This is the most annoying thing you can say to a housewife.  You cannot even imagine how much work she does in the house so respect the fact that she takes care of the entire family. Acknowledge her and appreciate her !!!
  • Don’t gender discriminate. Don’t just say “Why should I do this? This is not a man’s work!!! “. There is nothing like a woman’s work or a man’s work. Everyone is equally responsible for everything in the house. 
  • Divide the responsibility of the children equally. Don’t just throw the entire responsibility on her and sit back like you don’t bother about it. They are your children too !!!
  • Spending time together is what a woman wants from her man. Give her your time and she will be the happiest!!! Stop treating your mobile phone as your life partner and make your actual life partner happy by spending quality time with her.
  •  Give her little surprises like a surprise dinner, her favorite dress, or a movie date….little things like these will make her the happiest person.
  •  Surprise her by putting on the chef’s hat once in a while. Cook her favorite meal and give her rest from the kitchen for at least one day. This will increase her love for you and she will also get the rest she badly needs.
  • Take her shopping !!! No woman can say “no ” to shopping. It’s refreshing to change to them from the boring daily routine.
  • Understand her in her depressing times and be the rock support that she needs. Don’t depress her even more with your words and actions.
  • Be her best friend….be the person she believes in and tells all her problems. Be the Confidant that she needs and she will never look for any other person to talk to !!!
  • Don’t question her emotions. Console her when she cries. Never say ” You are always crying “. Women are sensitive and they do cry for small things. Be sensitive to her feelings and respect her emotional outbursts.
  • Give her the confidence and reassurance that you are always there for her no matter what. That will give her an invisible emotional strength.

Always Remember !!! The way you treat a woman defines her behaviour with you !!! If you don’t treat her well and disrespect her, She may still do all the things she has to do, but in a robotic way and she would just fulfil the responsibility as it is her duty, there would be no love in it.

But, if a man treats her well and showers her with love and affection, the way she serves her man with unconditional love is unimaginable. She will put her heart and soul into doing things for the man she loves !!!

Respect a woman and understand her !!! Hope these tips will help you guys….

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