Men In Love

Love….one of the purest and most beautiful feelings a person can experience. There are many forms of love….parents love towards their children, children’s love for their parents, siblings love, best friends love but the one that beats all these and the one which is considered as the most exciting and fulfilling form of love is the love that blossoms between a man and a woman.

When a man falls in love with a woman and vice versa, it’s a beautiful and unforgettable phase in their lives. In the case of a man, if a man loves a woman, he falls fast and hard. If he feels she is the right woman, He falls deeply in love and there is no looking back for him.

A man’s love is passionate, expressive, and very flamboyant whereas a woman’s love is more composed until and unless she is sure that he is the one.

Let’s see how men act around the girl they love!!!

They start focusing on their looks – Men are generally careless about the way they look, but that is definitely not the case when they are in love!!! They start grooming themselves and try their best to look good when the girl they love is around. They want their girl to notice them and feel proud of them. They want her to proudly point out to them in a group and say, “See, that’s my man!!!” They start taking extra care of their physical personality to impress their loved ones.

The “real” side of them is put before you – Generally, men tend to hide their real personality, they are not so expressive like women. They just show their funny and cool side to everyone. But, if a man truly loves a woman, he is bound to bear his soul to her. She will get to experience his childish side, his sensitivity, his fears, his tastes, his mood swings…everything. Men tend to get attached very quickly in a relationship and showing the “real person” in them happens if he genuinely loves a girl.

Their eyes, heart, soul are always with you – A man in true love will have eyes only for the girl he loves. His heart, soul, mind are always yearning for her and they crave for their girl’s presence. They want to spend every minute with their girl and cherish every moment spent with her. Their eyes are always searching for her in a group and staying apart is very difficult love, especially in the initial days. Men also dream about the woman they love, their future, and everything. Their mind and heart are filled with the girl’s images and the memorable moments with her.

They overlook your flaws – In true love, there is no room for negativity. So, if a man truly loves women, he considers her as perfection personified. Her flaws appear like negligible things to him and for him, she is the best!!! Whether you are slim or fat, fair or dark, short or tall, moody or happy, nothing actually bothers him because, in his eyes, you are an angel!!! And nobody can contradict that. A gentleman will always love his woman the same way however she is. His love does not change like seasons!!!

Family meeting– If a man is sincerely and truly in love with you, it does not take much time for him to arrange a meeting between you and his family. He wants his family to know how serious he is about you and makes sure that they agree with his decision. He wants his family to love you and accept you, and his plans always include you. He talks as if you are a part of his family already and his conversations determine his sincerity and seriousness. He will give you full assurance of lifelong love and companionship.

These are just a few, In general!!!

And girls!!! If you really find such a man, go ahead!!! And guys!!! Be such a Man !!!

Be Loved and Stay loved!!!

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