Best Makeup Tips for Women Over 30

Women are naturally beautiful. Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. Some have breathtaking eyes, Some –  a gorgeous smile, Some – lustrous hair, Some – an angelic face and All women are beautiful inside out. The inner beauty of a woman is seldom seen as it is dominated by her physical attributes and external beauty.

A beautiful woman is promptly recognized in a crowd and all the men try to woo her and grab her attention. All the women desire such special attention be it any age group. Young girls today are quite conscious of their physical beauty and cater a lot of time to making themselves look presentable and beautiful. But, that is not the case when it comes to married women who are burdened with responsibilities. They just can’t find time for themselves and this makes them fall a little behind in this race of beauty. 

But, No worries Ladies!!! 

This article will give you those few tips which will make you look young, rejuvenating, and refreshing always !!!

  • Use the right mascara always !!! Focus on highlighting your natural eyelashes by giving your eyes a wide-eyed effect.
  • Natural sponging and highlighting your cheekbones using a lighter airbrush will enhance your already beautiful cheekbones !!!
  • Go the thicker eyebrows way!!! It will make your face look more enhanced and beautiful…
  • Choose the right skin foundation based on your skin tone…and don’t forget the primer !!! This will help your foundation last the whole day !!!
  • Nude Lip color can highlight your natural Lip Colour and complete your overall look !!! Darker lip Shades can sometimes come across as sharp and harsh…So Depending On the Occasion Go the Nude Lip colorway….and using the darker shades sometimes does nobody no harm …
  • Go the natural oils way !!! And Don’t Forget your moisturizer which helps your skin look vibrant all the time!!!

And Finally !!! Keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of fresh fruit juices and focus on yourself…always have self-care and pamper yourself…be the beautiful self you are!!!

Meditation, yoga are natural ways for happy mental health….being happy mentally brings out your inner charming beauty which reflects on your face making you look all the more gorgeous, charming, appealing, and elegant.

Stay Happy !!! Stay beautiful !!!

Remember…. the ’30s are the new 20’s !!!  To all the beautiful women out there !!!

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