5 Hidden Traits Of A Guy Every Girl Should Know

Men are considered the strongest beings physically and mentally. But is it really true??? Are men really as strong as they seem to be??? Are they really so light-hearted and carefree as they seem to be???

Can Emotions overpower a man???

What are the generally hidden qualities a guy has??

Every guy looks the jovial, funny, and cool kind on the outside. That is the general portrayal of a man. But, if men really care, all the emotions and their actual traits come out. Sometimes, it might not be visible, but there are a few traits that break the stereotype thinking everybody has about men.

Let’s Find Out!!!

Men Do Cry

As shocking as this may seem, men do cry!!! If he is really attached to a person and genuinely cares for a person be it a girl, his family, or a close friend, men are bound to get emotional and shed tears if something goes wrong. In most situations, it might be because of his girl/life partner as these people are the closest to them. So, genuinely a man may cry if he really loves you and is attached to you!!!

Men Don’t Express Much

They might be funny, cool, and easy-going but when it comes to expressing emotions, well !!! Men are not so expressive compared to women. Their way of expressing feelings is way different compared to women which might look like a don’t – cherish attitude to women. But that’s really not the thing!!! Most men tend to bottle up emotions and feelings and express only in few really important situations.

For Men Friends and Family is Life

Men consider their friends as extended family. Apart from their family, Men just love to spend most of their time with their friends, sometimes more time than with their girl!!! This might seem irritating sometimes, but that’s a part of their real happiness!!! They love their guy gang with their silly, childish talks and sometimes heart-to-heart conversations with their close buddies. So, girls!!! Sometimes it’s good to let go of your man to spend his time with his friends…it’s a form of refreshment to them!!!

Sensitive and Vulnerable

Men may seem really strong on the outside but they also have a sensitive side to them. They also feel vulnerable to situations and breakdown internally in many situations. They might not show it on the outside which does not mean they don’t feel at all. Men are also sensitive and they also want to be cared for and pampered by their loved ones. Men also can be in a dilemma, where they expect their partner’s support. So girls!!! Make sure you are your man’s best friend and a supportive life partner.

Go to any extent to keep family happy

Men might seem irresponsible and lazy sometimes, but the fact is that they will go to any extent to protect their family from any sort of danger and problem. They think about their family’s welfare in all aspects, sometimes more than a woman. They have numerous thoughts of how to give their family the best life ever especially financially and they are always ready to make any amount of sacrifice for their family’s welfare.

These are just a few important traits about men a woman should give a thought about. Understand your man, and give him the freedom he needs, if not all the time at least sometimes. Give importance to their feelings, think from his perspective too!!! That’s the best thing you can do and your man will love you more!!!

So Guys, If not all, hope I was able to explore few hidden traits of a man which they would never reveal themselves!!!

Stay Emotionally Bonded!!! Be Happy!!!

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