Snyder Cut: Finally the ‘Justice’ served!

When people around the globe unite together and make a studio spend $70 million to give ‘justice’ to a movie and it’s the rightful director!

What do we usually do when a movie disappoints us? We regret the decision of watching it in the theater, we mourn for the money we spent (or wasted) on that movie, and we rant about it on Twitter or Facebook. TBH I’ve seen people tagging the directors on Twitter, asking for a refund. In the end, like a break-up we eventually move on from it; right? Well no! That is what anyone would do; but not the DC fans.

After the death of Superman in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice’ (2016), fans were totally excited to watch how Batman unites all the Justice League members in the upcoming ‘Justice League’. The release of Justice League was scheduled for November 2017. But, a few months prior to the release, Zack Snyder and his wife walked away from the movie. They walked out saying that they were tired of fighting with the Warner Bros. studio over creative differences.

Everyone on the internet is quite familiar with the DC vs Marvel thing. There’s a huge difference in the tones of these movies. DC movies are way darker (contentwise and visually as well) than the MCU movies. The BVS: Dawn of Justice had received a pretty polarizing critical response despite doing pretty good at the box office. Watching the reactions, the studio was asking to put more humor in the Justice League, and make it a bit brighter. Zack obviously didn’t want to make it that way. After his walkout, the movie was handed over to Joss Whedon. The studio rewrote and rec-filmed some scenes, and the release went as per schedule.

The fans didn’t like it. The critics didn’t like it. The movie that could’ve easily earned billion dollars at the Box office ended up making around 657 million dollars – worldwide.

The Movement Began..

It was clear that the DC fans were disappointed and mad. They were ranting about the movie all over social media. But they weren’t mad at Zack, they were against the studio. Had seen his ‘Man of Steel’ (2013) and ‘BVS’ (2016); fans were totally aware of Zack’s vision. They were convinced that what they’ve watched (Justice League) is not what Zack wanted (to show).

Believing that Snyder would’ve presented the movie in a different – in his own manner; fans have begun the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag on social media. What was surprising that the hashtag didn’t fade away over the course of time like any other ‘trends’. Release the Snyder Cut was not just a trend, it was a movement. A movement to give Justice to creativity, give justice to Zack Snyder, and give Justice to the Justice League!

The fans continued this movement on social media and on other platforms as well. People actually started campaigns to raise awareness about the Snyder Cut. Fans had raised money to rent a billboard at Times Square which would display the hashtag during Comic-con in New York. In a Comic-con held in San Diego in 2019, an airplane was rented to fly with the banner saying ‘WB #ReleasetheSnyderCut of Justice League’. Not just America, but the DC fans all around the globe kept the hashtag trending in social media superhero circles for four years!

Loss of Autumn..

Two months prior to Zack’s walkout from the 2017 Justice League; he had lost his daughter Autumn. She had committed suicide at the early age of 20. This is another reason that Zack lost all the will and strength to fight the studio, and walked out of a movie. When he heard about the movements for Snyder cut; he tried to say no. The fans were totally aware of what he is going through. They actually raised around six thousand dollars for awareness about Mental Health. This really moved Zack Snyder and made him reconsider his decision. 

And the Justice served..

Finally, after years of pressure, WB agreed to make it happen. They decided to move ahead with the Snyder Cut in February 2020. In May, Snyder announced that the movie will be released as Zack Snyder’s Justice League; and it’ll be broadcasted via the streaming service, HBO Max. Some new shots were filmed in October 2020 with Zack’s vision. He also wanted a new VFX and different editing. All this cost around 70 million dollars.

Originally it was planned to release the cut as a mini-series and a four-hour-long movie. By January 2021, plans for the mini-series were scrapped. The movie was released in America on the 18th of March 2021. Fans, Critics (and even MCU fans) are now praising the movie.

The movie is dedicated to the memory of Autumn. The song ‘Hallelujah’ was chosen for the end credits because it was her favorite.

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