Ranveer Singh in Anniyan Bollywood Remake in Hindi by Director Shankar

Anniyan, one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of South Indian Cinema is officially getting it’s Bollywood adaptation. Yes, You heard it right !!! Anniyan, starring Vikram was one of the massive blockbusters of its time. The telugu remake, Aparichitudu also earned huge accolades and turned out to be one of the rare gems in Director Shankar’s direction.

And, Now !!! Indian Cinema is about to witness one of the biggest actor-direction collaboration with Ranveer Singh and Shankar coming together for The Bollywood adaption of Anniyan. Based on multiple personality disorder, the movie explores the different personalities of a common man working as a lawyer, who cannot bear injustice of any sort. He uses tips from “Garuda Purana” as his tools to punish the anti social elements.

Talking about the movie, Director Shankar said that Ranveer Singh would be the perfect person to step into the shoes of Vikram as the character needed a charismatic and a maverick show man like no other. He also stated that he felt, Ranveer as a One-In-A-Generation Actor could immortalise a character through his extraordinary performance. Reaching the Pan India Audience by striking the right chords with nativity of Content would add another feather to Director Shankar’s already decorated cap with many unique films.

Ranveer Singh also expressed his excitement and said that he is supremely thrilled to be a part of such an ambitious project. He also said that it feels like a dream come true for him to be working with such a visionary and exceptional director. Announcing the same on his various social media handles, Ranveer surely sounds immensely delighted to be collaborating with a veteran director as Shankar and termed the renowned director as a maverick master craftsman and a pioneering visionary of Indian Cinema.

Director Shankar says that he is the happiest man of the moment announcing this massive collaboration.

Well, this surely is going to be larger than life adaption of the cult classic, Anniyan and will surely be a visual and a creative treat to all the Ranveer fans out there!!! The touch of Director Shankar’s unique creativity blended with Ranveer’s exemplary talent will certainly be a feast to the eye of an ardent Cinema buff !!!

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