Famous Places In India Shut Due To Lockdown

COVID -19 has cast it’s hazardous and dangerous shadow on the entire world and our country, India is no exception to that. All the daily activities have come to an uncertain halt. All the services in the country are stopped except the emergency services as India is going through its 21 day lockdown. Tourism and transport services have stopped. The most affected is the tourism and the entertainment industry.

India is a land of many cultures, traditions and a lot of historical tourism places. Due to the sudden spread of COVID – 19 and devastating health conditions, visitors and tourists have been prohibited from visiting any tourist destination as this may broaden the spread of the disease. All the historic monuments, tourist places and destinations have seen a shut down for the first time in history.

Let us have a look at few places which have been affected due the unforeseen circumstances in the country.

Taj Mahal – Agra, one of wonders of the world which is the most famous and popular tourist destination and one of the most favourite places to people of all age groups is one of the places which is affected by the lockdown situation. A generally crowded place with people from different parts of the world is giving a very desolate look right now. A symbol of love and beauty on the banks of the beautiful Yamuna stands tall and empty in this unavoidable situation for the first time in its history.

Golden Temple – Amritsar, considered as one of the most holy and sacred temple of India has also become a victim of the unending lockdown in India due to COVID – 19. Also called as Harmandir Sahab – the abode of God, Golden Temple is the most sacred and famous pilgrimage centre for the Sikhs. Surrounded by the beautiful Amrit Sarovar , it is said to be the most powerful and holy temple which is believed to cure many ailments and problems and the best part is, it is open to all religions. But, today due to this unexpected situation it stands empty and deserted  with all its glory, helpless to this natural calamity.

India Gate – New Delhi, located in the country’s capital is one of the most populous and crowded tourist attraction in India. Dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in the war it is probably one of the newest monuments as it is built in the 21st century. Known for its architectural beauty, it is the largest war memorial in India and is visited by the Prime Minister every Republic  Day to pay tribute to Amar Jawan Jyothi to pay tribute to the lost lives of war veterans. Located in the heart of the city it stands as an identity to Delhi, the capital. But, looking at the abandoned and vacant roads of the capital near this historical monument it is a clear indication and a known fact that this dangerous situation has not spared this historical place too. India Gate Stands at the heart of the City with no people around it, which is probably something that nobody ever imagined would happen.

Gateway Of India – Mumbai, situated in the city of Dreams Mumbai near the sea with the Great Taj Group Of Hotels Around it, this is by far the culmination of history and modernity with scenic beauty. Built in the 20th century it was constructed to honour the arrival of then Emperor and Empress Of India. It was the target of terrorist attacks in Mumbai but it still stands as the prime tourist attraction. Many people from different parts of the globe visit this architectural beauty every day. Called as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, it is the starting point to Elephanta Caves which is one of best tourist spot in Mumbai. Considering the present day Situation, with the hotels also shut down and the Taj Group of Hotels also taking a rest, This great historic monument is witnessing only birds and the waves of the sea but not the visitors who are awed by its beauty. It stands void of any human being, empty, deserted and castaway with only the sea as its companion in this dreadful situation. 

Charminar – Hyderabad, set in the City Of Pearls is the Pride Of Hyderabad and the global recognition of Hyderabad. Set on the east bank of Musi River it is one of the oldest monuments and a symbol of the Nizam rule in the Deccan Plateau. Known for its bazaars for different type of clothing, jewellery, food items this is always filled with people from different walks of life making purchases, trying out tasty delicacies, getting overwhelmed with the historic beauty of Charminar. Surrounded by Chuda Bazaar for bangles, Lad Bazaar for jewellery, Pathar gatti for the famous Hyderabadi pearls it is not only a tourist attraction but also a great shopping destination. But, all that has come to a sudden halt and the bazaars are empty, food stalls closed and people are locked up their houses. The great historic monument is experiencing a silence and solitude which is unimaginable. Birds Chirping, sun rising and setting and air circling in its own way are the only things that are pals of the Charminar in this horrifying condition.

Not only the above historic and holy places but many of the other famous places like beaches, zoos, sactuaries, temples and almost all the tourist places are victims of this lockdown situation. But as this for the greater good, we need to respect the situation and strive to drive away this pandemic  which has caused so much panic !!!

Stay home….stay safe….stay alive !!! 

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