Facebook, the most popular site in Social media has grown hugely in the past years. It has made its way into almost every person’s smart phone and its use is considerably high among all the age groups. 

In the present digital world, Facebook and other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter have become sources of providing information. Whatever may be the news. good or bad, it gets circulated like a wild fire in a span of few minutes through Social Media.

This spread of information is advantageous most of the times but there is a threat of circulation of wrong and fake information owing to the current advanced technology. After acquiring the most famous Chatting App, WhatsApp, Facebook had made few changes to it by limiting message forwarding to few people or few groups. This call was taken to provide user privacy and to curb the spread of fake information.

The same technique of limiting message forwarding is being implemented by Facebook for their Messenger App. This can be considered as the New Facebook update 2020.

As per Jay Sullivan, Director Of Product Management, Messenger Privacy and Safety, this step is being taken to reduce the spread of misinformation and wring information. In the wake of elections in various countries, the danger of spread of chaotic and uncertain information is high. In order to lessen the spread of such inaccurate information and increase transparency and accuracy, Messenger has limited the forwarding of messages to five people or five groups.

If a user tries to forward messages beyond that limit, they will witness a pop up reading “Forwarding Limit Reached”. So, Just like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger Forwarding Limit is limited up to five people or five groups.

This technique of limiting the forward messages to a particular ceiling of five people or five groups  will make Messenger a safe and trustworthy communication platform. This will also enhance the authenticity and transparency without any risk to the privacy of the user. The transmission of fraudulent information can also reduce to an immense extent preventing the potential spread of harmful content. This initiative by Facebook for the Facebook Messenger will provide Safety, Transparency, Accuracy and Authenticity in a nutshell.

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