World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day 2021: Mother Nature is the reason we live in such a beautiful world today. Filled with many beautiful trees and natural resources, the Earth has always been giving us humans, the comfort of living joyfully and comfortably in the lap of nature. It is our minimum responsibility to honor Mother Nature and protect it, as a small payback to all that nature does for us.

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, every year for encouraging awareness about the protection of the environment. It was established in 1972 by the United Nations and the first World Environment Day was held in 1974 hosted by the United States.

Every year, the World Environment Day is celebrated with a theme, a host country with nearly 143 countries participating annually.

The first theme in 1974 was ” Only One Earth “. This year, the host country is going to be Pakistan with the theme, “Ecosystem Restoration”. This is the first time in history that Pakistan is going act as a host and the Country’s Prime Minister will virtually start the World Environment Day conference on the night of June 4 in Islamabad. Ecosystem Restoration refers to the recovery of the ecosystems that have been destroyed in the past years as well as conserving those that are still intact. 

This day has been a platform for raising awareness on various environmental issues like marine pollution, human overpopulation, global warming and wild life crime.

The main reason behind celebrating the World Environment Day is to highlight the importance of nature and also that the nature should never be taken for granted for our own selfish needs. 

Amid the Corona virus pandemic, the nature has definitely had an advantage, with the lessening of pollution due to strict lockdowns all over the globe. Air quality has increased in many cities and water pollution has also seen a decreasing curve owing to less carbon emissions.

Environmental activists all over the world celebrate the day by running campaigns and introducing various initiatives to safeguard the environment. 

Celebrating Bicycle Day on June 3, just two days before the World Environment Day marks the importance of reducing pollution by opting for environmental friendly means of transportation.

People from different parts of the world celebrate the World Environment Day in different ways by planting trees, cleaning local beaches, organising meetings and protests and setting up various initiatives to mark the protection of the environment.

As we gear up to celebrate the World Environment Day this year, we have to keep in mind the importance of the environment in our lives and contribute to a healthy environment by planting as many trees as possible. As the citizens of this environment, we must always try to protect it and should not be a reason for its destruction. Without Mother nature and its resources, there is no scope for any form of life on this planet. So, protecting nature is a very important responsibility that every one of us has to take very seriously.

A Happy World Environment Day to everyone !!! 

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