White Fungus is More Dangerous Than Black Fungus.

The emergence of Black fungus in Covid 19 recovered patients created a stir, when few cases were spotted in Delhi. Swelling in eyes, face numbness contribute to few symptoms of black fungus. However, the number of people affected by this, are very low in number. The country has not yet recovered from the aftermath of Covid 19 and black fungus when the cases of white fungus are creating an air of panic among the people of India.

White fungus is more deadly than black fungus, according to experienced medical professionals. Few cases of the infection have been spotted in Patna, Bihar.

White fungus not only affects the lungs, but also the other body parts like nails, skin, stomach, kidneys, brain, private parts and mouth. The symptoms of the white fungus are same as Covid, but the patient tests negative and the infection can be diagnosed through CT scan or X-Ray.

The main cause of White fungus is due to low immunity and also unhygienic surroundings.

Sanitation and hygienic environment may help in avoiding the white fungus.

Diabetic patients and people who are habituated to various steroids are more at a risk of getting prone to the virus. It also affects women and children, Covid patients on oxygen support and people with weak immunity.

Many states have declared black fungus as epidemic and taking measures to provide necessary care, when the cases of white fungus have become a cause of concern.

A famous doctor from Patna, is one of the patients to be infected with the white fungus and he says that the white fungus spreads fast and attacks the vital organs, lungs as the first priority. This makes it difficult for the patient to recover fast and this is what makes it more deadly than the black fungus.

The main reason of Leucorrhoea, a reproductive problem in women, is also said to be white fungus.

According to the doctors, the negligence in using the oxygen cylinders in Covid affected patients can put them at a risk of White Fungus.

With Black fungus declared an epidemic, we can only hope and pray that this white fungus will not emerge into another infectious tsunami.

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