What Super Powers Thinking About The Russia Ukraine War

Russia Ukraine War

Russia Ukraine War: The world today woke up to the news that Russia has declared a war on Ukraine and in a short span of time, many were injured and more people were killed.

The capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv is witnessing dead bodies scattered all over the place. These invasions have become a reason of scare for the civilians and citizens. The US and other super powers have warned their citizens in Ukraine to obtain safe shelters as the signs of war increase every minute.

Amid all these chaos, the superpowers of the world, The US and UK are slamming Russia for their cruel approach. They are calling it an unjustified attack which has left the nation of Ukraine injured. 

The state of Lithuania has declared a state of emergency and Kyiv breaks all diplomatic ties with Moscow, in view of the horrifying attack.

Lots of other nationals other than Ukrainians, are stuck in the war zone. Many Indians are also in a terrible situation, not knowing what might happen next. Ukraine envoy to India, Dr. Igor Polika, has pleaded for the Prime Minister Of India, Narendra Modi Ji’s intervention and has said that there is a hope that Putin might listen to Modi ji if he wishes to intervene. Considering India’s friendly relations with Russia and also as one of the most powerful leaders of the world, Modi ji’s take on the situation and contacting Putin might bring a change in the situation.

Meanwhile, China’s take on the horrific attack is completely different. China has refused to blame Russia for the attack and instead has said that the situation is being hyped to a greater extent. China has been trying to avoid the question on the situation and has refused to comment anything. They have been diplomatic in the approach and have stated that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all the countries must be protected.

The Prime Minister Of UK, Boris Johnson, expressed his shock and stated it was an appalling move by Russia and the UK and its allies would respond to it in a decisive way. He further said that the military would be the solution to this unprovoked attack. The UK would answer back with overwhelming sanctions to this attack and that violence must come to an end.

Such an act will not be overlooked by the UK and eventually such a barbaric act of Putin must end in failure. Boris Johnson further assured that they would never turn their backs on Ukraine and a free country like Ukraine deserves to enjoy every bit of its freedom.

In the middle of all this, the war between Ukraine and Russia is showing no sign of stopping. Ukraine has been experiencing lots of destruction but are holding their ground as Russia continues the war.

This might see a lot of effect on the world economy and only time will tell the consequences of this dreadful battle.

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