Twitter Suspension In Nigeria

Twitter Suspension In Nigeria: We live in a world where social media holds a very important place in everyone’s lives. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are few of the social media platforms which are a part of our daily life. Updates about what is happening around us, regular posts about personal life, Connecting with celebrities, learning new things are the few things that social media offers.

With social media occupying such an important place, An announcement from Nigeria about suspending Twitter became breaking news. Nigeria announced on Friday that it was suspending the operations of Twitter in the country, as it felt that the social media platform was being used for activities capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.

According to the statement by The Information Ministry, the Federal Government had suspended Twitter indefinitely. This announcement came two days after the social media platform deleted a remark on President Muhammadu Buhari’s official account for breaking its regulations.

Information Minister Lai Mohammed said that the action of suspension was taken after repeated activities of the social media platform to degrade the country.

The Ministry announced the Twitter’s suspension on Twitter itself. When asked about further details about the suspension, one of the ministerial aide just said, “Wait and See, how things will turn out”.

As of Saturday, Twitter was not accessible in some of the mobile carriers in Nigeria while the app and the website still worked in few other mobiles.

While the suspension is happening, Twitter is making its own investigations regarding this shocking suspension and said that it would provide updates once there is further information.

The post in question by Buhari was a threat to punish the groups blamed for attacking the government buildings. It also had a reference to the 30 month civil war in Nigeria in 1967-1970 and was a warning to those who wanted the Government to fail. The tweet was deleted as it violated Twitter’s abusive behaviour policy.

The Information Minister in April reacted angrily when Twitter chose Ghana, for its first African Office. He said that the company was influenced by the media misrepresentations of Nigeria. He also further expressed his fury stating that violent tweets by Kanu, one of leaders of Nigeria who lives in exile have never been deleted. He accused Twitter of having a hidden agenda behind all this.

It is to be seen Twitter’s reaction to all these statements and whether Twitter will find its way back to Nigeria.

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