The First Real Indian Super Hero | Hanuman Jayanthi 2021 | Hanuman Birthday 2021

Hanuman Jayanthi 2021: Hanuman Jayanthi is observed on June 4 this year. The Deeksha started on April 27 and ended on June 4th. The day when Lord Hanuman met Lord Ram is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanthi in South India.

Lord Hanuman is the first superhero of our country. A superhero with many inspirational qualities which are ideally not seen in many people. Lord Hanuman, the most devoted, loyal, caring, law-abiding devotee of Lord Rama, is one of the most revered and respected Gods in India.

Lord Hanuman is known for his most down to earth and humble nature. Known as Vayuputra, he is the son of the Wind God himself and was blessed with divine powers by birth. His powers were unknown to him and was educated about them by Jambavanta, at the right time during the long search for Goddess Sita by Lord Rama during Ramayana.

Though he was so powerful, he was the most humble and down to earth of the Vanaraas. He was the saviour of Lord Lakshmana when he uprooted the Sanjeevi Parvat to cure Lord Lakshmana of his swoon during the war. 

He was the messenger from Lord Rama to Goddess Sita, to reassure her that the end of Ravana was not far.

He was the destroyer of many raakshasas and the reason for Lanka to turn to ashes. Being the humble being that he is, he always stayed true and completely loyal to Lord Rama all the way and his admiration for Lord Rama was like no other. He sang the Lord’s praises in such a way that on a visit to Lanka, even the great Raavan couldn’t help but get immersed in the holy chants.

He considered Goddess Sita as his mother, and he was like a child to her. When Sita was losing hope about getting freed from the clutches of Ravana, Hanuman arrived as a ray of hope from Lord Rama which reassured her and increased her hopes considerably.

He helped Lord Rama reach Lanka, defeat Ravana and free Goddess Sita from the demonic clutches.

After returning to Ayodhya, he never accepted any royal pleasures but took solace at the feet of Lord Rama and was his loyal devotee. He always considered himself as a slave to Lord Rama and he proved his devotion by tearing open his heart which had the image of Lord Rama along with Sita engraved in his heart. Such was the height of devotion of Lord Hanuman !!!

He always stayed away from material pleasures and took an oath of celibacy and bachelorhood.

He is a Chiranjeevi (immortal) and said to be dwelling the depth of Himalayas even to this day. Chanting his name is said to keep all the evil forces at bay.

He is the most inspirational hero Indian mythology could produce and is an epitome of honesty, loyalty, devotion, love, dedication, modesty and strength.

Happy Birthday, Lord Hanuman !!! 

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