Sirisha Bandla, the 2nd Indian women astronaut to fly to space On Virgin Galactic spacecraft

Sirisha BandlaIndian women have proven their worth in various fields, time and again. Entertainment being one of the major industry where our Indian origin women shone internationally, Space travel is another area which has been a sort of unique achievement for women of any country. Very few women have participated in space missions and it is a matter of pride when women are so successful in such a difficult area.

Kalpana Chawla, made India proud when she became the first Indian origin woman to go into space. She was highly successful, but her untimely death in one of the missions, cut short her massive success streak.

Now, after many years, Sirisha Bandla, a girl who has a South Indian origin, is going to be the second Indian origin woman to fly into space. She is going to take the leap on July 11 and is one of the five people among the crew to accompany the Billionaire, Richard Branson and is going to be the backbone of the entire operation.

With Virgin Galactic launching its crewed test space flight, this mission will take off from New Mexico nine days ahead of the departure of Amazon founder and billionaire, Jeff Bezos’ trip to space.

Sirisha Bandla, has her roots in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh in India. A zeal to learn more about space and her fascination towards it, led her to pursue aeronautical engineering. She started working at Virgin Galactic in 2015 and is a Vice President of Government Affairs at the company.

She made the announcement on her Twitter handle, by tweeting a video along with her crew. Chief astronaut instructor, Beth Moses, Lead Operations Engineer, Colin Bennett, pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci, Sirisha is the part of the six member crew of the VSS Unity Spacecraft which includes the billionaire, Richard Branson.

Sirisha’s grandfather, who is an agriculture scientist, expressed his extreme happiness at his granddaughter’s mission. He said that she was always a very enthusiastic child and that her passion has finally driven her to achieve her dream. He also said that he was quite confident about her success and that she will make her nation proud.

Sirisha is also a member of the Board of Directors of the American Astronautical Society and Future Space Leaders Foundation.

This is really one proud moment for India, to be having such a successful astronaut, a part of a prestigious space mission.

We wish her all the success !!!

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