Mumbai man orders mouthwash from Amazon, gets Redmi Note 10 instead.

Online shopping has become a trend in the present times. With a wide range and variety of products to choose from, it is a life saver, in this busy world. Saving a lot of energy and time, Online shopping is a boon. Lots of online shopping platforms have made their way into the Indian market.

Amazon, the tech giant has carved a niche for itself in the e-commerce world. It has emerged as a numero uno in the online shopping world. As it’s name suggests, Amazon is famous for providing all the products necessary,  with wide range of variety. But, online shopping has its disadvantages few times, when there is a failure of delivering the right product to the right person.

One such incident has taken the social media by storm when a person received a mobile instead of the mouthwash he actually ordered.

Lowest Daga, a Twitter user placed an order for colgate mouthwash bottles and lo and behold!!! Received a redmi note 10 instead. The story has gone viral on social media.

Lokesh, a resident of Mumbai, had a surprising day when the wrong order was delivered to him by Amazon India.  He took a screenshot of the order ID and shared his experience on social media.

Writing on Twitter, he said, “ Got redmi note 10 instead of mouthwash bottles  As mouthwash is a consumable product,  returns are restrictions and I am unable to place a return”. He even tagged Amazon India in his post, so that prompt and correct action could be taken.

The reactions on Twitter were funny, once he shared his experience.

Many people lauded his honesty and requested Amazon to do the needful.

Few imagined the reaction of the person who was actually supposed to receive that mobile phone.

One user even went on say that such sweet mistakes never happen to him.

Ultimately,  his move was highly appreciated. Well, this is one funny experience!!!

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