Man Cooks Pizza On Smouldering Volcano

Fast food is something which each one of us loves. Pizza is one such food which is generally a top favourite for many people. Filled with different flavours along with lip smacking cheese, pizza is every foodie’s delight.

David Garcia, from Guatemala, Central America has been in the news for cooking pizza in the most unimaginable way possible. Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano has been erupting since February causing terror to the local people and authorities. They have been on continuous alert to evade any unfortunate occurrence.

But, David Garcia turned this to his advantage and created a  kitchen on this volcano. Garcia, a 34 year old accountant, serves up Pacaya pizza cooked due to the heat of molten lava, on the volcano rock.

This act if his, has amazed all the locals and the tourists, and people are flocking in to taste this unique pizza.

Garcia, spreads the dough on a metal platter that can endure up to 1000 degree Celsius ( 1800 degrees Fahrenheit), spreads it thickly with tomato sauce with a generous helping of cheese and meat. Donning a complete protective clothing from head to foot, with his stylish military boots, Garcia places the pizza on the volcano to cook.

Tourists and onlookers waiting for the pizza are awed by how good it looks and they climb up the volcano, which is one of the three active volcanoes, to satisfy their hunger pangs.

Garcia first started baking the pizzas in 2013 and, initially he did not get many customers. 

But, with the volcano spitting out molten rock regularly these days, Garcia started cooking directly on the moving lava, and the word spread fast.

Garcia, has now become quite famous on the social media and the volcano is crowded with tourists and visitors, these days, to see Garcia in action.

The unique and quirky way of cooking has left people in awe. 

Many tourists and locals who have tasted the pizza say that it is extremely delicious and gives a special taste.

Though this is a risky undertaking, as Pacaya is an active volcano, Garcia must be accredited for his creative idea and unique way of cooking.

Well, sounds mouth watering right!!!

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