Madurai Couple Gets Married on SpiceJet plane to Avoid Covid-19 Restrictions, Invites 161 Guests

Madurai Couple: The pandemic, Covid 19 has been a constant cause for the disruption of many daily activities. The education and professional life of many people around the world has gone topsy-turvy and as a matter of fact, the whole world has come to a sort of standstill.

Marriage is an event which marks a new beginning in a person’s life and India is a country where marriages are celebrated with all pomp and show. The celebration is no less than a major festival with all the family members, relatives, friends present to grace the ceremony.

With the oncoming of Covid 19 and the concept of social distancing, Indian marriages have lost all their glory from the past two years. An event which has to be celebrated with a lot of happiness and grandeur has become a namesake event. With very few people in attendance, marriages have lost their actual charm because of the pandemic. But, all this being followed for a healthy world, every citizen is abiding by the Covid protocols.

But, there are a few for whom the lockdown, social distancing seem like no hindrance.

A young couple, Rakesh and Dakshina, from Madurai, decided to get married in a unique way. As the state of Tamil Nadu is under strict lockdown, the couple booked an entire chartered flight from Madurai to Bangalore and made sure that all their family members and relatives were in attendance. They tied the knot mid air when the plane crossed the historic Meenakshi Amman temple in Tamil Nadu in a traditional South Indian marriage ceremony. 

There are visuals and photographs of the guests enjoying the wedding ceremony, photographer clicking the bride and groom, the groom tying the traditional mangalsutra and the family, guests cheering them happily.

Keeping aside the wedding ceremony, Covid appropriate behaviour, social distancing and masks were completely neglected during the entire event.

The Directorate General Of Civil Aviation ( DGCA), ordered for a probe, after the photos and videos of the unique wedding went viral. A SpiceJet air craft was said to be booked by the client and they were given clear verbal and written instructions regarding the Covid protocols and were prohibited from performing any activity on board. According to SpiceJet, the aircraft was booked by the client through a travel agent for what was said to be a post wedding joyride. It also said that the Airport Authorities were unaware that any event was being performed on the plane.

DGCA has ordered for a strict enquiry and the crew of the said aircraft have been de rostered. After few pictures where the cabin crew is also seen posing with the newlywed couple, went viral, which is a complete opposite to the statement released by SpiceJet, it appears as if the airline company is in trouble.

DGCA has expressed its strong disapproval over the entire matter and a strict action will soon be taken against all the people who violated the Covid norms.

As Tamil Nadu, battles with the pandemic, this event surely does catch one’s eye as unique and also unsafe, in a way !!!

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