Karnataka’s Chamrajpet Graveyard displays the House Full Board

Covid 19 has become a raging and distressing wave in India. The second wave is sending shivers down the spine of people and Governments alike. The number of positive cases reaching a record high and the increase in death toll only reflects the horrifying situation India is facing right now.

The worst-hit states being Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala is imposing various restrictions to curb the spread. Delhi also faced the worst exposure to the second wave and the deaths due to the virus started spiraling.

Karnataka saw a record increase in cases and deaths and the state imposed strict lockdown to control the spread of the disease.

One incident in Karnataka’s Chamrajpet is really heart-wrenching to witness. With deaths increasing daily, the crematoriums and graveyards in the state started witnessing a large number of people looking for space to bury and cremate their loved ones who have fallen prey to this dreadful pandemic.

Similarly, one such crematorium in Chamrajpet displayed a houseful board on its gate as its capacity started becoming full. The crematorium with a capacity of 20 bodies per day started falling short of space and had to take the step of displaying the “Houseful” board. Later, with the protests of people, the authorities had the signboard removed.

With 13 electric crematoriums in the city, this news is really heart breaking. It only shows the pathetic situation we are facing and is also a reminder that the current situation has to be controlled very soon.

The Revenue department of Karnataka has allotted 230 acres of land for the purpose of cremation, once the death toll started increasing to accommodate the requirement.

The State has also imposed complete lockdown to control the situation as the figures show a rapid increase in the cases as well as deaths.

We can only hope and pray that the situation will improve and take a turn for the best, considering the efforts of the Governments as well as the citizens. Abiding by the Covid norms and protocols is a must to break this terrifying chain of the second wave of Covid in the country.

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