Jennifer Lopez Reunite With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez popularly called as J. Lo, is an American singer, dancer and actress who is a heartthrob of many millions of fans. She was often named the “Sexiest Woman” and the “Most Beautiful Woman” by many popular magazines and J. Lo is extremely famous among her fans for her beautifully sculpted figure. At 51, she is one of the most fittest celebrities and is still amazingly beautiful.

J. Lo, is one of the most successful celebrities professionally, with both her acting and singing career blooming extraordinarily over the years.

Her personal life also got a lot of media coverage, with her being involved in multiple relationships. She was married twice and has two children. Though she was romantically involved with few celebrities, her relationship with Ben Affleck, garnered a lot of media attention and all the fans were crazy about their pairing. With a Ship name “Bennifer”, the fans rooted passionately for this couple and their separation after a two year relationship in 2004, came as a disappointment to many.

When Jennifer ended her recent relationship with the famous Baseball star, Alex Rodriguez, fans were not prepared for the surprise bomb that she was about to drop on them. Though separated, Affleck and Lopez, maintained an amicable relationship and always spoke of each other fondly. So, recently, when news of them rekindling their romance, hit the headlines, fans rejoiced.

As per the latest news, both of them are very much together, and have been telling their friends that they are very much hopeful about the relationship, this time.

They have spoken about their differences, sorted out the past problems, are quite matured this time and are on the same page. J. Lo is quite ecstatic about everything and trusts Ben. He is more traditional and Jennifer loves this about him. They are both excited about the future of their relationship and are very much keen to work things out properly.

Both of them support each other personally and professionally and rumours are rife that, J. Lo is planning to move in with Ben and she is making her children also habituated to the fact that Ben is going to be around. She is also seen going for house search in LA to be near to Ben, but nothing is confirmed about them moving in together. 

Well, this surely is one good-looking pair and we would definitely want them to be together forever and Wish them the very best.

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