IPL 2021 Suspended Due to Covid Positive Cases in Players

IPL, Indian Premier League, the most awaited cricket tournament of the year has also become a victim of the ongoing raging pandemic, Covid 19.

The most loved sport of many people in the world, Cricket, explored a different angle of the sport with the introduction of IPL. A culmination of Indian and Foreign cricketers, it not only promised entertainment but also colossal profits.

With the invasion of Covid 19, the world had come to a standstill and conducting IPL became a distant dream. But, BCCI found a way out and the game was being conducted in a Bio bubble minus audience following all the Covid norms and the players also got tested before entering the Bio bubble.

It was a smooth run for the most celebrated and glamorous event for nearly one month until the treacherous claws of Covid gripped it. Suddenly, after a grand run of nearly 29 matches, Covid positive cases started showing up in the IPL teams.

With the bowling coach of Chennai Super Kings, L Balaji, Kolkata Knight Riders bowlers Sandeep Warrier and Varun Chakravarthy testing positive, the entire team of IPL received a severe jolt. And, with the positive results of Hyderabad Sunrisers Wriddhiman Saha and Delhi Capitals, Amit Mishra, BCCI took the decision of postponing the event indefinitely.

A source of BCCI stated that they were finding a way to send the foreign players back home safely. And, considering the current situation in India, it is highly inappropriate and unsafe to conduct a mega event as IPL.

The source further stated that the T20 event which has been scheduled to be conducted in India may be continued by shifting it to UAE considering the current situation in the country. The players might also not feel comfortable and safe attending the event in India due to the pandemic in the country.

The official statement of BCCI clearly explained that the safety and well being of the players was its first priority and the decision to postpone IPL was taken keeping in view, the sentiment and the current situation of the country.

Well !!! This surely proves that the virus is sparing nobody and all we can do is, pray for the safety and well being of the world !!! 

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