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The citizens of India are currently fighting against the second wave of Covid 19. With a sharp and sudden rise in the cases, the country is undergoing one of the worst phases possible. News of hospitals running out of beds and oxygen, crematoriums and graveyards putting up houseful boards, the situation surely seems very grave.

Even as several people are battling with this virus, the number of people recovering from the virus is also quite high in number. As the second seems worse than the first wave,  the main and burning issue we are hearing these days is the shortage of Oxygen.

A philanthropist from Rajasthan came up with a distinctive idea of “Breath Bank”. Similar to the Blood bank, this breathes bank plans of providing portable oxygen machines to Covid 19 patients, but on a rental basis.

Nirmal Gehlot of Rajasthan had this idea, to minimize the plight of the Covid patients suffering from oxygen shortage. This unique idea is surely one of a kind and can even lessen the Government’s and hospital’s burden in this critical situation.

Gehlot said that, he got this idea when he saw his own mother battling for life in 2020 and one of his friends died due to oxygen shortage, recently.

This idea is being supported by many social workers and funds to procure 95 machines have been received so far. However, Gehlot’s aim is to acquire 500 portable oxygen machines.

The portable oxygen machine collects air around, separates it from nitrogen and gives five litres of oxygen each minute. One portable oxygen machine costs around Rs. 40,000.

The rent for the portable oxygen machine would be Rs. 100 on a daily basis. Rent is collected to ensure that the machine is returned promptly after use.

The “Breathe Bank” would be set up in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur and plans to provide service as soon as possible.

This surely is first of a kind and the success of this breathe bank may lessen the crisis of Covid 19 patients as well as the hospitals battling the shortage of oxygen on a daily basis.

It will also save many lives and might prevent the critical patients falling prey to the harmful virus.

The idea and the effort of Nirmal Gehlot has to be surely appreciated and we wish him all the success !!!

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