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National Doctor’s Day 2021: July 1st marks the day which is celebrated as Doctors’ Day. The day is celebrated to honor the contribution of the doctors amid various medical emergencies. Owing to the current pandemic, the contribution of the doctors is irreplaceable and many doctors have even lost their lives serving critical patients.

July 1st is celebrated as National Doctors’ Day by the Indian Medical Association (IMA). It is the birth and death anniversary of the former Bengal’s Chief Minister, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who was a highly esteemed and renowned Indian physician, philanthropist, freedom fighter, and statesman. 

He was highly dedicated to his profession as a doctor and would even take the part of a nurse in times of need. He was one of the few people in India who received F.R.C.S and M.R.C.P degrees simultaneously and was also a recipient of Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour. He was a close friend and the personal doctor of Gandhiji. He always charged nominal fee and dedicated his life to his profession and people. He also played a very important role in establishing various famous medical institutions.

The theme of the Doctors’ Day 2021, is “Save the Saviours”. Amid the Covid pandemic, doctors have been the frontline workers and are working 24*7, to serve the patients. Their invaluable contribution is highly commendable and the way we can show gratitude is, by showing them the respect they deserve.

Recently, there have been various news doing the rounds, about attacks on the doctors by the family of the deceased patients. Doctors are being attacked brutally, when they fail to save a patient’s life. Such acts are really horrifying and not at all praiseworthy. We, as people must not forget the fact that a doctor is also a mere human being like everyone else, and if we cannot respect their service to us, disrespecting them and harming them must be seriously condemned. The pandemic has of course, disturbed many families, and has led to the loss of kith and kin but, this should never be a reason to disrespect the doctors.

This year’s theme, of saving the saviour is surely apt for the current situation as the unstoppable commitment and dedication of the doctors, to serve the nation in times as these, must be highly applauded. Choosing to serve the people, without giving a thought about their own safety as well as their families, is not an easy task. So, protecting them and respecting them is our minimum responsibility.

This day, let us make it a point to thank all those doctors and health workers who have put their lives at stake and scarified themselves, to save and serve the people. Such is the service of the doctors that, often, a doctor is compared to God.

Let’s thank all the doctors for helping us fight various health emergencies !!!

We thank you for your selfless service and we bow down to your dedication and patience!!!

Happy Doctors’ Day !!!

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