Galwan Valley Anniversary: Army pays tributes to soldiers slain in Galwan Valley clashes

Galwan Valley Anniversary: India and China, the two neighbouring nations underwent a nightmare on June 15, 2020, at the Galwan Valley. The Chinese and Indian troops clashed for nearly six hours after a war-like situation broke out in a steep section of the Galwan valley. The Chinese soldiers attacked the Indian Army personnel while they were patrolling a disputed area where Colonel Santosh Babu had destroyed a Chinese tent two days earlier.

Weeks before the clash, tension was prevalent at the Line Of Actual Control (LAC), with both the nations deploying increased number of troops at the border after India declared that the Chinese troops moved into the Indian side of the LAC.  Various meetings and little fights happened with disengagements in tow, but the major fight broke out on June 15, 2020 in the Galwan valley.

A fight took place and soon it escalated into a hand to hand combat where stones, batons, iron rods were used. As a result, nearly 20 Indian Soldiers lost their lives including the commanding officer, Colonel Santosh Babu. As per the reports, most of the soldiers who lost their lives fell to their deaths after losing the footing or after being pushed off the ridge.

Most of the deceased soldiers were from the 16th Bihar regiment including the commanding officer. It is believed that there were 43 Chinese causalities, but the Chinese went on denying it, and stated that only four of its soldiers succumbed in the fight.

According to a U.S. intelligent assessment, a senior Chinese general actually authorised the Chinese troops to attack the Indian troops resulting in a war like situation between the two Asian countries. The step was taken by China, so that they would not appear weak to the U.S. and its allies and to establish a proof of its strength to India and all the other countries.

The incident, however created a huge tension all over India, and China started facing severe backlash after India lost its soldiers in a trivial war. In the aftermath of the incident, protests originated to ban all the Chinese products and people could be seen burning the mobiles manufactured by China and many apps developed by China, TikTok, ShareIt, PubG being the famous ones, faced a ban by the Indian Government.

The most destructive clash in the history of both the countries in a span of 45 years, this conflict led to months long military standoff between the two nations. 11 rounds of military talks were held, to bring a solution after which the two nations decided to come to a conclusion, peacefully.

The major breakthrough to resolve the issue happened in February 2021. With an intention to end the nine month long military standoff, after several meetings, a synchronized and organized disengagement started.

Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, in a statement said that there few outstanding issues regarding deployment that have to be resolved and those will be taken care of, in the upcoming discussions. 

Army General, M M Naravane, on May 19 said that, the various meetings led to a trust being build up between both the nations, with no violations happening. 

Today, marks one year of the Galwan valley attack. Paying a tribute to all those who lost and sacrificed their lives for the nation’s safety, we pray for the precious lives of all those soldiers who are at the borders acting as a shield for all the citizens.

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