Cowin Registration: On-site registration for Covid-19 vaccination for 18-44 years age group now enabled on Cowin

Cowin Registration: India and all the other countries of the world are currently going through vaccination drives to vaccinate their citizens against the pandemic Covid 19. Although India has set up the vaccination drive for citizens above 45 years of age, it would take an ample amount of time in order to vaccinate the huge population of India.

Cowin, a Government Of India initiation, for the citizens of India to register themselves for getting vaccinated, has been introduced for the smooth functioning of the vaccination drive in the country.

At least, 10% of the Indian population has received at least a single dose of the Covid vaccine. The Government had given permission to vaccinate the citizens between the age groups of 18-44, but due to the sudden surge in the cases and also the people above 45, not getting vaccinated completely, has led to the vaccination drive slow down a bit.

Now, the Union Health Ministry has taken a decision to provide onsite registration on CoWin digital platform  for the 18-44 years age group. However, this facility is made available only in Government Covid Vaccination Centres and not the private hospitals.

This decision has been taken in order to reduce vaccine wastage. In case of the vaccine doses being available at the end of the day, due to the actually registered members not attending the vaccination drive that particular day, the unutilized doses can be put to use, in such cases.

Even though the Covid vaccine registration has been made online through CoWin, Aarogya Setu, few people without access to the Internet, Smart phones and mobile phones may benefit by this onsite registration.

This onsite registration process is not available to the private vaccination centres and they have to publish their vaccination schedules exclusively with slots for online appointments.

The decision rests with the State/UT governments to make use of this feature. The main motive behind issuing the permission for the onsite registration is to reduce the vaccine wastage to the maximum and make use of the vaccines properly by vaccinating eligible people in the age group of 18-44 years.

Extreme care has to be taken so as to prevent overcrowding, at the vaccination centres, during these onsite registrations.

The main motto must be to vaccinate each and every citizen completely so as to beat Covid 19 completely and make the country free of this virus.

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