Covishield: 9 European Union countries approved India’s Covishield

Covishield: India has been a major producer of the Covid vaccine, in the fight against the deadly virus. Covishield produced by the Serum Institute Of India and Covaxin produced by Bharat Biotech, has been approved globally and India started its huge vaccination drive with both the vaccines.

International travellers from India to other countries have been facing an issue over the approval of vaccines. European Union, especially was not in approval of allowing travellers vaccinated in India to enter their respective countries and there have been wide range of discussions among both European Union and India, in the past few days.

After days of vigorous struggle, India threatened to put the European travellers under mandatory quarantine. In the wake of this, nine European Countries have added the Covishield vaccine to their list of approved vaccines. Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Estonia and Spain have approved the Covishield vaccine. This means, that the people vaccinated with Covishield will be exempted from the travel curbs in those countries.

India had made it clear that it would recognize the European Union’s digital Covid certificate only if it does the same with its vaccines – Covaxin and Covishield. India had also raised an issue with the European Medicine Agency (EMA) for the acceptance and approval of its vaccines in its countries.

Covaxin is yet to approved by the WHO and the people vaccinated by it, are still facing the problem of staying in quarantine, during their travel to other countries.

In a win for India, nine countries have approved Covishield and the CEO, Mr. Poonawalla, said that it was just a matter of time that it would be cleared for approval by other countries, as the vaccine is already approved by the WHO and UK’s health care regulator.

The digital certificate or Green Pass will be effective from July 1st and Covaxin is expected to be approved after the permission is granted from WHO.

It is yet to be seen, how the digital certificate will benefit people travelling from India to other countries, but the acceptance of Covishield is surely an extraordinary win for India.

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