Covid Vaccine Update: Anti – Covid Drug Developed by DRDO Approved by DCGI For Emergency Use

DRDO, Defence Research and Development Organization of India, has taken an initiative and come up with an emergency solution for the treatment of Covid 19, the deadly pandemic.

As India fights one of its toughest battles which is the second wave of Covid 19,  the health care system is crumbling under the hazardous clutches of the virus. Huge spike in the number of positive cases followed by an increase in deaths, India is currently in a grave position. 

In the light of the current emergency, DRDO, introduced a new emergency medicine, which can be used in treating Covid affected patients. The medicine comes in sachets and has to be consumed orally by dissolving it in water. It has been clinically tested and is proven to have shown good results in the affected patients. Many patients treated with this medicine have tested negative in the RT PCR tests and have recovered well. 

DRDO and Dr. Reddy’s laboratory I’m Hyderabad have developed this anti Covid drug which is in the form of a powder and is the therapeutic application of 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG).

The Drugs Controller General Of India (DCGI) has approved the use of this drug in emergency and hospitalized patients. The clinical trials by DCGI proved that a molecule present in the drug helps in treating critical Covid patients, boosts faster recovery and decreases the patient’s dependency on oxygen.

Three phases of trials were held to check the efficiency of the drug from last May to October and the results proved that the drug was sufficiently effective.

The Phase III trials were held in around 27 hospitals all over the country across  different states with a satisfactory success rate. According to the official statement by the government of India, this drug accumulates in the virus infected cells and prevents the virus growth.

The DRDO says this drug can be easily produced and can be made available in abundance all over the country as it is a generic molecule and an analogue of glucose.

Well, this is surely a silver lining in the present dreadful situation. Let’s all hope that it will bring about a change in the pathetic situation of the country and push the country towards better times !!!

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