Arrest Lucknow Girl: Girl beats up a taxi driver in UP for no reason

Arrest Lucknow Girl: In our routine lives, we witness few things which are out of the way and have a disturbing impact on our minds. Fights and arguments in the traffic are few routine things that each of us experiences in few instances.

Such was the fight that people got to witness in Awadh, Uttar Pradesh. A girl was seen thrashing a taxi driver repeatedly in the middle of the street and the video was circulated online. The girl was seen slapping the taxi driver continuously at the Awadh crossing causing a lot of traffic jam. The undated video was being widely circulated in social media. 

In the video, the video it could be seen that the driver and the people around were questioning the girl as to why she was physically assaulting the driver. The girl just kept saying that she was hit by his taxi and did not stop hitting the driver.

The people around could be seen asking the girl to stop but she showed no signs of stopping and continued slapping the driver repeatedly 

The driver was seen pleading the people to call the Mahila police to protect him from the girl. The people around also felt that the girl was being very disrespectful and very rude. 

What happened next was not be seen in the video, but such type of physical assault from any gender is quite unacceptable. Physical assault on girls has always been a cause of huge outcry and the video is a proof that assault on men is also not be taken lightly. 

The girl’s action without any exact reason is unreasonable and depicts how terrifying people have turned out. Such Physical assault in broad daylight is scary and must be punished at any cost, from whichever person it comes from.

The group gathered around were reportedly highlighting the fact that, such an act on a girl would never have passed off so easily. They were also unable to understand the exact reason behind such an act by the girl.

Such acts should never be encouraged and must be condemned strictly.

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