Anandayya Ayurvedic Medicine for Covid 19 in Krishnapatnam, India

Anandayya Ayurvedic medicine: The ongoing Covid pandemic has been a cause of intense destruction from the past two years. Vaccine making companies in India and all over the world have been doing their best to produce proper vaccines in order to make the population of the world immune to the disease. Covishield and Covaxin from India have made it big, by achieving maximum efficiency rate, and have been approved by India and also the world to have shown considerable effect in protecting the people against the disease.

Amid all this, a herbal medicine which is said to cure Covid miraculously by a person called Anandayya from Krishnapatnam, Andhra Pradesh has been in news for all the good reasons.

Prepared by self claimed Ayurvedic Practitioner, Bonigi Anandayya, this medicine is said to be a medical miracle and people have been flocking to Krishnapatnam for this medicinal miracle.

Annandayya, prepared this medicine with complete ayurvedic ingredients, in which most of them are used daily in the Indian kitchen. It is in the form of eye drops and two drops of this medicine are said to have a magical effect and work remarkably even in critical patients.

The ingredients of the medicine have been openly shared by Anandayya, and he provides it free of cost which is a great humanitarian gesture on his part. Not expecting any monetary benefit, with a mind to only serve people and help them in times of such crisis is highly appreciable.

After garnering huge response on social media, this medicine is now being sent for clinical trials and research, to ascertain whether it can be used as a certified medicine against Covid.

Totally, four types of drugs named P,F,L and K have been designed with natural ingredients with no side effects.

The P type is for both positive and non positive patients which cleanses the lungs and boosts immunity. Twice a day for three times a day for positive patients and twice a day for non positive patients, this is made with neem leaves, cumin, pepper, turmeric, bael, buckwheat and other natural ingredients.

The remaining drugs F, L and K are for Covid positive patients to be taken twice a day for three days after meals and once a day for two days along with P and F types respectively. All the drugs are prepared with complete natural ingredients like turmeric, nutmeg, bay leaves, black cumin, honey being the common ingredients.

The eye drops are for severely affected patients with low oxygen levels, the ingredients being honey, eggplant pulp and pepper. 

Anandayya stated that 18 herbs were used in the preparation of the medicine and nearly 80,000 people have consumed it with no side effects.

After the news spread widely about the medicine, several people started making a bee line to Anandayya’s house defying the Covid norms and protocols after which the Andhra Pradesh Government ordered the stoppage of the medicine distribution.

The ICMR (Indian Council Of Medical Research) and a team from Ayurvedic college of Tirupati are conducting research on the efficiency of the medicine.

Once the results come out, a decision about the use of the medicine can be concluded. 

It is to be seen whether this medical miracle from the ancient roots of South India, will be a game changer in the treatment of Covid 19 !!!

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