10 ways to improve your mental health during covid | Mental health Tips

Mental Health during covid: The Covid pandemic has been a cause for many people to become mentally depressed. The mental health of many citizens all over the world has taken a toll and many celebrities have been focussing on the fact that a mentally healthy nation is as important as a physically healthy nation. Given the stressful environment around us currently, cooped up in the home, long working hours, lack of recreational activities, it is very important that we stay mentally healthy.

Let’s look at a few tips to maintain a good mental health…

  • Train your mind and have a control of your mind to mould to every situation. Do not let loneliness overpower you, with a weak mindset. Make yourself mentally strong and learn to depend on yourself. Meditation, watching motivational stories, spiritual bent of mind can greatly help in this.
  • Do not let negativity enter your mind. Have a positive approach towards everything in life and accept the fact that you cannot control everything. Take life as it comes and have that trust in yourself that you can achieve anything. “Everything happens for a reason”, must be the all time mantra.
  • Negative mindsets and negative people can depress you more. Stay away from things or people that create a negative aura around you.
  • Cutting down the toxic relationships in your life helps a great deal. Whether it may be a friend, spouse or any person in your life, a toxic relation always pulls you down mentally and physically. So, make a call about it and make it quick !!!
  • Do not let others’ opinion about you influence you to a point where you start hating yourself. Not everyone can love you and it is easy for people to form opinions. Be confident about yourself and realize that every person is unique in their own way. Love yourself the way you are!!!
  • Indulge in your favourite hobbies and things that make you happy. Keep yourself busy in things, that rejoice you and give you a sense of solace.
  • Yoga, meditation or any form of physical exercise not only rejuvenates you physically but also mentally. Making exercise a form of the daily routine, can bring about a considerable change in the way of living.
  • Staying in touch with people who care about you can boost your mood to a great extent. If not meeting physically, due to the current situation, connecting through phone calls and having those long, friendly talks with your loved ones relaxes you greatly.
  • Retrospect yourself on your positives and negatives. Focus on your negative points and try to redeem yourself. Forgiving and asking for forgiveness to build good relationships with people you care about, can give you a sense of peace.
  • Avoid petty fights, arguments and having a superiority complex. Accept people the way they are and understand that the person is more important than the unnecessary disputes. Always be open minded about things. This will avoid many unnecessary arguments and the negativity that comes with it.

Always make sure you check on your loved ones constantly. Talk to yourself and always try to be positive. Love yourself and do not think low of yourself. Seek help when you need it and do not hesitate about it. A mentally healthy world can avoid many youth suicides and crimes.

Let us all play a part in making the world a mentally happy place.

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